Spirituality in Business - how to bring the strategy with the spirituality

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

What does spirituality and business mean? The term spirituality in business is all about adding the flow and world of spirituality into your business.

It is all about identifying the balance you need to create a successful business, from the masculine “doing” to the feminine “flowing” in your business!

So I’m about to take you through how you can create a level of alignment in your life and business to add the level of spirituality you need (as big or as small).

Business frameworks

One thing you need to remember with business (whether you want to bring in spiritual elements or not) there is no blueprint. No “one size fits all” for business.

There are frameworks you can follow. Frameworks around business. When I would facilitate workshops as part of the consulting I would do, we would use innovation tactic cards to help businesses form a base on business models, offerings and deliveries - just to name a few.

What would happen is, those who took part in the workshop would choose the cards that resonated with them to make their own business model. A perfect example of using frameworks to run/create a business by design.

Being in alignment with yourself will allow you to service your clients and your business. When you build a business from purpose, from your heart, from soul - this is when you find true alignment. This is what it means to live and speak your truth.

Of course you need to know your audience, solve a problem and know your unique value proposition. But it is the way you share and work in your business is where true flow comes in.

Balance of the energy - feminine and masucline

So how do we work in alignment in our business? We balance the masculine and the feminine energy. It is all about doing and letting it be. Create content, create your offerings but then also experiment and learn.

From this also comes trust in what you do. When you create a new program, you have done the market research and you have created what needs to be created to bring it to life (the masculine), you then trust the process and let go of the emotional attachment (the feminine).

If you want to learn more about feminine and masculine, check out the following podcasts I have featured in:

The process of LET

When it comes to blending spirituality and business, there is a practice I have always done. This process allows me to trial things in my business and life with ease. It allows me to let it go, let it be.

Learn - learn what it is you need to in your business. Learn how to create content for your audience, learn different coaching techniques, just learn. You do this through personal, professional and business development. Listening to podcasts, reading books - whatever it is. Always trust what it is you need to learn in any given time.

Embody - fully embody what you have learnt. Test and trial it in your business. Test and trial it on yourself! Whatever it is you need to do in order to really understand the practice.

Trust - then trust the process. Don’t force it. Let it be. Know that what it is you have learnt is always going to help and guide you.

I also invite you to think about the Wheel of Life and apply it to your business. Don’t expect to always have inspiration in the dark moon/winter then remember that spring and summer arrives with inspiration. It is all a wheel - the dark moments pass and when you feel summer come, embrace the inspiration and the flow.

Rituals for business

Another part of embracing spirituality in business is having rituals you call upon to help and guide you in your business.

Find what works for you, here is some inspiration:

Then with the actions you want to do in your business, go with your heart. For more on rituals and how to add them into your life, download my free rituals guide.


My experience with spirituality and business

For me, it has always been about running my business in alignment with my energy. With a very corporate and strategy based background, I have found so much balance with adding my spiritual side to the way I coach and run my business.

It is all about the trust and surrendering to what happens within my business. What I do is, I create and use my masculine energy, then I lose the emotional attachment to the result and bring in the feminine energy. Of course, there have been times where this is more challenging.

For example, vulnerability hit me one morning during the launch of my Goddess Embodiment Sisterhood. I was experiencing self doubt, but I honoured it. I sat with it, pulled an oracle card, journalled and then went to a yoga practice to let go.

I had done all I could, I had all the content ready for the launch, I had 3 sisters joined up and ready - it was time to let go of the outcome. It was those rituals (and sitting with the emotions) that allowed me to move forward.

Women in business

Just like the Wheel of Life I spoke about earlier, there are also moments in a women’s cycle that will impact our business. It is important to honour your period and know when it is time to slow down and time to speed up.

When you have your period, it might not be the time to launch. We wait until ovulation to do this! You can read more about this by checking out my articles of your cycle.

Final thoughts

When I think about spirituality in business, I think about alignment and balance. For me, it is all about the masculine and the feminine energy. Building the frameworks of business and then adding beautiful rituals into it, which allows me to build a business I love.

We do what we do because we all have a higher purpose. It is all about remembering that and doing what you can to build our business by design.

Trust the process and do the work - it all comes down to balance. Remember, no one is going to do it like you will.

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