The guide to oracle cards: how to use them in your daily life 

Oracle cards are a beautiful spiritual tool you can call on daily as part of the rituals you form. These cards can be used as a guide to whatever you are manifesting or when you simply need more clarity. 

How do you use oracle cards in your life? Trust me, you don’t have to overcomplicate it, but of course, I am here to help you easily implement this practice into your daily life. 

The first oracle deck was believed to be the Lenormand deck, named after Madame Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand in the 1800s. However, in recent years, it appears an older oracle deck has been discovered from 1775 - the Burning Serpent Deck.

An oracle deck is used in different ways than it was in earlier centuries, so let me guide you through how to use oracle cards. 

What are Oracle Cards? 

The oracle card is not here to tell your future, they are here to guide you. They help you master your intuitive energy and are here to break patterns. 

As we manifest in our day, oracle cards often reveal to us the path to what we are manifesting. They are a secret tool, but will only work when put in the right condition, when you are vibrating energetically to the Angels from the deck. 

An oracle card can use animals, angels, trees, chakra, gods or goddesses and not one deck is the same. 

I believe that oracle cards are there to teach us the tools for living, put us in harmony with ourselves, and offer us new ways of being in our life. 

Oracle cards or any other spiritual tools of your life are the mirror to your soul and the key to inner wisdom. 

It’s like holding a mirror to yourself so that you can access your subconscious mind and tap into the wisdom and answers that live in us all. And there’s no limit to what you can ask. You can use it for relationships, career, finances, personal development, career transition, day to day situations and major life transitions. 

You may already know the message or insight you receive in oracle cards, in which case the ritual can be a heartening confirmation of what you were already thinking, doing or feeling. On the other hand, you might be unaware of the message until you see it reflected in the cards.

What can oracle cards be used for? 

The oracle cards can be used for many different purposes to guide you in many areas of your life. 

You can use them for clarity in love and relationships. 

As part of your new moon or full moon practice, oracle cards can guide you (check out my Instagram post on this here). You can also call on your cards for the new year or when the mercury is in retrograde (read more on this here) or for manifesting your dreams. 

You can also use it for self-discovery or when trying to overcome limiting beliefs. You choose what you want to get out of your oracle cards, but first, it comes down to choosing the right deck and blessing it.


How do you start using Oracle cards? 

If you are looking to buy your first oracle card deck, here is a guide on how to do this and what to do once you have made the purchase. You can get a deck either online or in a physical store, whatever works best for you.

  1. Choose which deck to get - trust that the deck you have or are choosing is the one you need right now. Remember a deck will only work for you if it speaks to you. There is a reason that there are hundreds of thousands of tarot decks. There is also a profound purpose for an Oracle deck. Do you like the look of the deck? Are you intuitively connected to it? Can you read the pictures? 

  2. Bless the cards and familiarise yourself with each card: once you open the deck before you use the cards, it is super important that you put your energy into them. With the deck face down in one hand, breathe slowly and gently and mindfully take the cards one by one from the top of the deck with the other hand and place them face down, each one on top of the previous one, on a table. Now repeat the process with the cards face up, looking at it briefly at the face of each card as you go. With the pack complete again, clasp them in both hands and say something like: “Beautiful cards, I ask you to lead me in the right direction, with good advice for me, and for anyone else who seeks guidance from you. Thank you for always showing me gently whatever I need to know as I read you, I trust you! And so it is. So be it!”

How can you use Oracle cards as a daily ritual for life and business? 

Most days I start my morning with oracle cards. I’m not someone who bounces out of bed to meditate, journal or do yoga all before the crack of dawn anymore - so don’t stress if you’re not either. My mornings typically start by one of my daughters jumping into our bed (if they are not both already sleeping with us). 

Not exactly the uber-spiritual morning ritual right? 

But once they are in daycare, I close my eyes and ground myself and then pick up one of my decks, shuffle and draw a card. Sometimes I might ask a question but most of the time, I’m just checking in with the cards and my intuition to see what energy is surrounding me for the day. 

I choose a card and then spend some time intuitively exploring the imagery and energy I receive. What does this card mean to me? What energy do I connect with today? How might I make the most out of the hours ahead? 

If I have a little extra time, I might start journaling about the card, writing in a stream of consciousness for at least 10 minutes. 

I’ll keep the card top of mind for the day, putting it under my glass of water to drink energy from it. 

Then in the evening I’ll pull the card out again and reflect on what I’ve discovered and experienced pertaining to its message.

What I love about this ritual is that it encourages me to make space for myself during the day. It gives me a moment to tune in to my inner wisdom and my inner power source to make the most out of the day ahead.

It’s this little nugget of time that makes the next 24 hours oh-so-in flow and alignment. 

It’s like having a conversation with my higher self every day. 

For a step by step on how to set up and use oracle cards, download my FREE masterclass on oracle cards here!

Questions to ask when using your cards in business

If you are looking for guidance on how to use your cards for business, here are some: 

  • How can you create alignment between you and your soul?

  • How can you manifest your potential? 

  • What steps can you take to bring your soul purpose into everyday life?

  • What am I inviting into my life right now?

  • How is this opportunity in alignment with my soul purpose?

  • What is my best course of action with this opportunity?

  • What is this opportunity bringing into my life?

  • How am I feeling about my goal?

  • What do I need to create to manifest my goal?

  • What do I need to release to manifest my goal?

Example of drawing it with some financial goals = “To what extent is this dream in alignment with my highest good?” 

Connect with universal energy and lean into your inner wisdom to fulfil your highest potential. 

Most commonly asked questions about Oracle Cards

Can oracle cards tell the future? 

No, they help with the connection with your intuition, inner wisdom and the present moment 

What is the difference between Tarot and Oracle Cards? 

Oracle cards are free-flowing and aim to highlight themes and energy. Tarot is here to give more detail and look at the “what” and “why” things are happening. Tarot has 78 cards in a tarot deck and is more structured. Whereas Oracle decks can have any amount of cards.

You choose what deck works best for you!  

Do you have a special place for your cards? 

You can have a special place you put your cards when not in use. For me, it is with my crystals and sage. 

How many cards do you draw? 

It depends on the situation at hand. But for me, daily I will pull one (it can be more if I feel the need). For a new moon, I will draw 3 - of course, do what feels right for you at the time. 

Can you pull cards for people? 

Yes, I do this with my clients as part of my coaching packages, but of course, you need to remember, each person will receive the message differently.  

Where can you buy cards? 

You can purchase in a crystal or spiritual store or even online like Amazon. Make sure the deck resonates with you! 

My journey with Oracle Cards 

Every time I would go on a retreat or a full moon or new moon circle/red tent, I would pick a tarot or oracle card and be like "Wahoouuu this is such a perfect message, thank you". 

But when I became a mum, my Vata energy (Ayurveda constitution type - Sorry I’m going into Ayurveda now but it is a topic we will cover this soon. Ayurveda means ‘wisdom of life’, and is a traditional Indian set of teachings for health in body and mind) became even more present and I needed, even more, to feel grounded and connected through my rituals but I had WAY less time to practice yoga, go for women circles, etc. While taking care of a newborn and this is when: daily oracle cards became part of my non-negotiable rituals. 

Every morning after a “tough” night, both my daughters are not great sleepers, I would ground myself and pull a card and when I had time, either straight after or later in the day journal on the card message or visualise.

Today it is part of my daily rituals as well as my own full moon and new moon ritual. 

Best of all, oracle cards show you how to make positive changes NOW so you can manifest your goals and dreams.

Want to hear real life examples of how oracle cards have worked in my life? Download my FREE masterclass here!

Final thoughts 

When it comes to oracle cards, here are the 7 things you need to remember: 

  1. Make every day an intuitive, connected, aligned experience which you are looking at your conscious choices about what you create

  2. Open your mind, heart and your intuition - even just a bit. Even when it feels like it is getting too “woo-woo” or weird, just keep an open mind and give it a try

  3. Be ready to go deeper into who you are - the good, the bad and the ugly

  4. Trust that you have everything you need. All the answers lie within

  5. Honour yourself and make time for you. Even just 5 minutes a day can impact your well being and bring clarity to your business

  6. See oracle cards or tarot as part of your life, not just “doing a readings” once in a while but as something to integrate into your everyday being

  7. Forget about doing it right. There is no “right” with oracle cards. It’s about trusting your intuition and doing it YOUR WAY

Have FUN AND BE READY TO ASK: How can I live this day to my fullest potential, in alignment with my highest good? 

Did this message resonate with you? If it did, comment below OR come over to Instagram and tell me! 

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