Embracing the moon cycle for your life and business

Have you ever paid attention to the moon?

When you look up to the sky at night, do you ever spend time noticing the moon? Our bodies are beautifully impacted by the cycle of the moon and each phase of the lunar cycle plays an important role in our life and business.

These different cycles of the Moon gives us the motivation to take action towards our dreams, wishes and goals. The Moon has been studied, worshipped and used as a tool all around the world for thousands of years - so it is a beautiful connection we should do on a regular basis to stay in tune with ourselves and our desires.

The shifts that help us live in alignment and connection with ourselves.

Why does the moon have such an impact on us?

Living and being in sync with the moon has always been a beautiful and powerful experience. As we are made up of energy, water, cells, bacteria, minerals, and all the rest of it, we are influenced heavily by the moon. Similar to the ocean, plants and other planets.

For me, I have been growing and building a powerful connection with the moon, which stems from the beautiful rituals that serve me (especially during the new moon and full moon). As we are around 65% water, our body, hormones and energy is impacted by the power of the moon (just like the ocean is with tides etc).

The manifestation work has allowed these moon cycles to become incredibly effective and magnetic in super-speed time. It’s my fortnightly check-in. Now, it will be yours too. A very, very powerful one that asks us to step up into a higher level and create space for what we want. Join me each lunar cycle in this very effective ritual and check-in by being part of my Essential Alchemy Membership.

Why should we use the moon to heal or manifest?

The aim of the Moon cycle (and the use of it) is to manifest the abundance into your life. These types of abundance can come as health, money, your career, lifestyle of whatever else you are wishing to improve in your life. As the Moon has various stages in her Lunar cycle (more on this below), it is a good reminder for us to focus on our set intentions for the month/cycle ahead.

These different cycles of the Moon, gives us the motivation to take action towards our dreams, wishes and goals. The Moon has been studied, worshipped and used as a tool all around the world for thousands of years - so it is a beautiful connection we should do on a regular basis to stay in tune with ourselves and our desires.


What are the moon phases?

The Moon phase starts at the New Moon and works through to the Full Moon and back around. Here is what it will look like:

  • New moon (Yang)

  • Crescent Moon (Yin)

  • First Quarter Moon (Yang)

  • Gibbous Moon (Yin)

  • Full Moon (Yang)

  • Disseminating Moon (Yin)

  • Third Quarter Moon (Yang)

  • Balsamic Moon (Yin)

New moon meaning - set a positive intention for the lunar cycle.

Yin and Yang meaning - Create abundance by doing certain things at yang lunar phases and being a certain way in the yin lunar phase.

Here is how it all works. The moon will travel through the sun signs (zodiac) and will stay in that sign for around 2-3 days at a time. It will go through a whole zodiac every moon cycle or “Moonth”, which is around 29.5 days. Each Sun Sign adds a unique energy to the Moon phase, which will create a certain mood each day and for the whole “moonth” (Moon cycle).

The Moon Cycle begins at the New Moon, and builds on the previous New Moon. So, for example, if the New Moon is in Scorpio, the next New Moon will be in Sagittarius. This is also the same for the First Quarter Moon, Full Moon and Last Quarter Moon. So, if the First Quarter Moon was in Aries, the next will be in Taurus. If the last Full Moon was in Capricorn, then the next will be in Aquarius. If you want to go deeper, the article here is a great resource.

Full Moon Ritual

A full moon ritual is all about letting go. It is a sacred time to reflect on the changes from the new moon to the full moon and what is ready to be released.

The 10 steps for you to follow for the powerful full moon

  1. Set up a sacred space by creating a small altar with your favourite things.I personally love to include all four elements in mine: water, earth, fire, and air.

  2. Light a candle and a smudge stick to clear and cleanse the space and your aura.

  3. Ground yourself with a meditation or the 9 breath cycle that I teach in my Facebook group (join here if you are not yet part of it)

  4. Put your crystal under the moonlight (at night) to recharge them and get under the moonlight and soak her energy. Moonlight is said to capture both the yang, the masculine energy of the sun, and the yin, the feminine energy of the moon. The combination of energies reflected back to us on Earth has the potential to create a powerful yet subtle effect on our systems. Many cultures believe moonlight assists in balancing chakras.

  5. Take out your oracle or tarot cards and pick one or a few cards. I love doing a 3 spread cards: 1/ What have I created and manifested since the new moon? 2/ What is no longer serving me that I’m willing to release? 3/ What is the full moon illuminating for me? If you don’t know what I mean, watch this masterclass or read this blog post.

  6. Journal on each of them and the question associated and the message from the card

  7. Do a full moon visualisation of all of that you’ve written

  8. Go through a burning ritual. On a fresh piece of paper in your journal, take five minutes to write out everything you’ve beaten yourself up about lately. Tests you didn’t pass, insecurities, so-called failures – everything bringing you down. Once you’ve gotten it all out, light your beeswax candle and burn it. Place the burning paper in a ceramic or glass bowl, so it can burn entirely.

  9. Close out the ritual by saying thanks to your guides, the Universe and your intuition for all of its support and all that it is already sending your way. And say out loud: ‘Thank you’.

  10. Blow your candle.

I do it every full moon so we can do it together next time. Join my Newsletter or Membership as I love to share for each full moon the crystal for the moon - we will have an article soon on crystals, the oracle card spread for the collective, the essential oil attuned to the moon energy, the elements and much more.


New Moon Ritual

As mentioned above, New Moons are all about new beginnings after all, so seek out the fresh start being gifted to you from any shifts that have taken place.

Focus on your intentions for the new lunar cycle and if the world around you seems too chaotic as it too is forced into balance, then go within and find your centre point, your equilibrium and your inner peace. ⁠⠀

For those looking to go deeper with manifestation, New Moon rituals are the perfect way to start setting aligned intentions and manifesting desired outcomes. New Moon circles are a powerful way to introduce you to the beautiful sacred practice.

My Online New Moon Circles are a safe space for the conscious collective to come together in a beautifully aligned and spiritual way. They are here to help you:

  • Help you set intentions on a deeper level for the Lunar cycle

  • Assist in the practice of manifestation and how to really call in what you want more of. They also help you manifest from a place of alignment

  • Take part in a guided group meditation that will evoke a sense of calm, happiness and stillness and give your energy centres a good clean. This also helps with the clearing chakras - which help with the whole manifestation part

  • Explore the energy of that month’s new moon and how you can use it to your advantage

  • Be in group of like minded women that are here to support you and cheer you on

To learn more about it read my article about the power of circle and if you’d like to join my next online New Moon women’s circle, join my Essential Alchemy membership.

My experience with moon cycles

When I was 16 and for the following years, I would ride in the night only with the light of the full moon without any saddle with my friends FREE. I felt like an amazon.

I’ve always been fascinated by the moon. I would ask to sleep outside when the moon was full and during days in summer camps, I would love sleeping under the full moon and watching the stars.

I realise now that my daughters (2 and 4) are as well. They notice every day in the sky the moon changing. It is so important to connect with the moon and bathe under the full moon light.

Every time I travelled outside of a big city, like Lyon or Paris where I was living in my twenties, I would see the moon more than ever. From India, To Brazil, to Senegal, to Morocco hiking in the Desert, To Cuba, To Kenya, etc. travelling by myself or with friends, I would look at the moon.

Even a client of mine has experienced the full power of the moon. After doing a full moon ritual (and not having her period for 18 months) she was blessed with her period only 4 days after the full moon ritual. It was such a beautiful experience (and surprise) for her after she has tried so many western medicine practices with no luck.

My experience with living in paying attention to the moon cycle

On the 17th of January 2018, I went into a Manifestation Circle under the Capricorn New Moon. Since then, my New Moon Rituals are very sacred and being with other women for it, either as I facilitate it for women in my membership or in retreats or workshop. I love celebrating and sharing sacred space with other women to honour and manifest what is willing to be born. If you want to learn more about the power of circle, read my previous article

I do a lot of Full Moon rituals with my friends or by myself and always share some insights in my Essential Alchemy Membership and Newsletter.

We will go deeper into the impact of the moon for manifestation as well as your energy, or menstruation (in a future article).

I look at the sky every night to notice which phase the moon is in. To be sure about the precise time of the new moon and full moon, I track the moon cycle via an app on my phone called: Moon Phase.


Final thoughts

Are you now ready to start paying attention to the moon? Here is how you start:

  • Download a moon tracking app so you know the phase it is in

  • Pay attention to how you feel when the moon is in certain phases

  • Take part in a full moon ritual (as mentioned above)

  • Join a New Moon circle (my membership will be perfect for you)

  • Start noticing the difference and the shift (be curious and aware)

A simple ritual that can help you before more present, more conscious of yourself and at the same time will work to fill up your cup.

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