Self-awareness to find out your blueprint in life

Everything really comes down to awareness. It is what gives you the answers that you have within you. To find out your blueprint to life gives you a level of self-awareness you may never have experienced.

You've heard that many times, but you're still trying to do what someone else is telling you to do or how someone else is doing it today.

I love the quote below because it represents the facts but you just need to discover who you are, what's your essence:

A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song. - Joan Walsh Anglund.

Let me help you discover the self discovery techniques that exist to help with the blueprint of life.

What self discovery approaches exist?

There are a few self discovery tools you can use to help set out your blueprint so you can learn more about yourself. Here are some you may or may not have heard about before.

How to use these self discovery tools

Here is what I recommend. Get a reading done in one of those but more importantly feeling empowered to go deeper after reading. Stay curious. Don’t take everything that is said for granted.

As I love to say in ayurveda for dosha, grab a journal and intuitively identify it yourself with the season, what you eat ect. Keep an inquisitive mind.

You have so much content out there that you can be guided and have a reading but then make it yours.

I know how to read each of those approaches from angels, to astrology, Ayurveda and Human Design (HD) as I studied them in the last 16 years.

Curious to discover your blueprint, join my Soul+Biz alchemy as I explore your HD or Natal Chart and give you self discovery exercise for introspection, fostering an inquisitive mind.


My experience with blueprints and self-awareness

For these tools of self discovery and the blueprints of life, I have had experiences in a few I would like to share with you.

My journey with Ayurveda started when I was in India 16 years ago. It was a practice I was curious to learn more about and studied to practice Ayurveda. It is something I use daily in my life and help my clients discover as well. From your doshas to the clock, there is a lot about Ayurveda I have taught about on the blogs before.

I started with astrology. I had my first child read 16 years ago in India with Vedic Astrology.

Already the term healer was said a few times during the reading. Two years ago at my birthday my friends offered me a ticket to attend a workshop with an astrologer to learn more about reading natal charts and it appeared clearly that in Feb 2021 a major shift would happen in my career.

But it is only about 18 months ago when I had another reading done by my spiritual teacher, (which has been mentioned in a previous blog post), she mentioned a lot of things that I knew as I have done a lot of personal development and self discovery work then. I was finally ready to become a soul and business doula and embrace my healing, spiritual gifts with strategy. And I use my clients natal chart when I work with them.

I heard about chronotype in an article from Dr Amanda Imber when I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter. I was sleep deprived (I’m still sleep deprived as my 3 and 5 year old don’t sleep well) and noticed that I was way more predictive during the morning and that I needed a nap after lunch. With exploring phenotype and I know recommend my clients to do the same to work on their own schedule and we their own natural rhythm.

I discovered human design about 2 1/2 years ago. I was struggling with postnatal depression with lack of sleep, Zoe being super active and not sleeping well and Lou, my second daughter born in 2018 suffering from strong reflux for a few months already. so I looked at their child in human design bodygraph and this is when I learnt a lot of things about them. I’m now using it as well with my clients.

Final thoughts

What self discovery tool do you resonate with the most? If you are curious to discover your blueprint, join my Soul+Biz alchemy as I explore your HD or Natal Chart and give you self discovery exercises for introspection, fostering an inquisitive mind.

But let me leave you with a very famous quote from Oscar Wilde: ‘Be yourself everyone else is taken’.

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