Embrace your Ayurvedic doshas in your business and improve your productivity

Ayurveda can be applied to life, relationships, food and work. It is a broad lens that brings awareness to your way of being and doing. When we embrace our Ayurvedic doshas it can help ways of life, just like improved productivity.

You have a dominant dosha and when you start understanding that it is a balance, a dance between energies, it is beautiful. If you’re unsure about your doshas or what Ayurveda is, you can go back and read about it on my previous blogs. If it is a topic you’d like to dive deeper into, join my waitlist for my upcoming course: ‘Ayurveda in Business’.

The primary thing is to identify our own way of being so we invite others as well to do the same, living and working together more harmoniously, and get support from those who are similar but also different and complementary.

The Pitta qualities in business

One of the most productive of the Pitta (Fire+Water) dosha types, however if you are a Pitta, you may struggle to be patient and have a tendency to burn out. You may find it difficult to work in teams as you have this sharpness (fire) energy in communication.

A high level overview of the qualities and things to be mindful of, we will dive deeper into that during our course:

  • Focusing on results

  • Cut through confusion or overwhelm and get things done

  • Laser focus on one thing and is always looking to get an outcome, but can easily move to the next shiny new objects

  • Sharp communication

  • Tendency to burn out

  • Starting a lot (great at igniting the flame, fire) but struggling to finish

  • Great at making lists, logical

  • Tidiness in the environment (e.g. desk, home, etc.)

  • Great at initiation

Practices to bring balance:

Pitta constitution is nurtured by water, air, space, and earth and the balancing principle is moderation.

  • Ease yourself out of all stressful activities and maintain only those projects that create ease

  • Make an attempt to embrace serenity and calmness

  • Rise with the sun and go to bed by 10pm

The Vata qualities in business

If you have Vata (Air+Space) dosha as your main dosha, you are the most spiritual and creative of the dosha types. You are such a great team player as you bring a different approach to what is conventional. You need to be mindful about your tendency of getting overwhelmed with your scattered energy that results in not getting much done.

Qualities include:

  • Most connected to spirit and source

  • Ability to think out of the box and solve problems by seeing from a different perspective

  • Which means they can be out of the reality

  • Vata will suffer from too many ideas

  • Well qualified and lots of creativity

  • Ability to bring things/ideas together even if it looks all over the place

  • Love joyful creative chaos (messy desk, home, etc.)

  • Bad at initiating as 10 ideas but overwhelmed with starting - procrastination

A Great book for Vata who are having lots of ideas and not enough actions would be ‘Big Magic’ by Elisabeth Gilbert.

Practices to bring balance:

Vata constitution is nurtured by fire, water and earth and the balancing principle is stability.

  • Bring yourself back to the earth + water - a shower, jump in the water

  • Maintain a steady ritualistic practice and take ample rest

  • Break things down with shorter time focus so you’re not distracted by using a short to do list to get organised and reduce feelings of overwhelm.

The Kapha qualities in business

If you are a Kapha (earth+water) type, you are methodical, slow and steady which makes you successful in the long term with your business.

You don’t give up and we all know that resilience and patience is key in entrepreneurship (and life in general).

Being under pressure is not helping you thrive. When you are out of balance, you can be lazy, loose confidence or find it hard to initiate something new. This is where you need to surround yourself with mentors or coaches or partners that will bring this impulsion because once you start you find your flow.

Qualities include:

  • Steady

  • Consistent

  • Loyal

  • Slow and not an initiator

  • Never give up

  • Great in Business for consistency

Practices to bring balance:

Kapha constitution is nurtured by fire, air and space and the balancing principle is stimulation.

  • Engage in stimulating physical exercise every day

  • Open yourself to new and invigorating experiences

  • Rise with the sun everyday

examples with the dosha and business

Pitta may work 12 hours a day for a few days and then burnout. Where the steadiness of kapha means working a few hours a day but consistently.

A client said: ‘I’m Kapha and struggling to get started with my business’. They may need the idea of the Vata and the fire of ignition of the Pitta to then keep going

Another one said: ‘I’m Vata and I don’t want to be for too long in front of a screen’. So she will go and ground in the Earth the morning and have a swim in the ocean before doing work in front of the screen or using a journal to collect her thoughts and outsource.

Team & Relationship

A Pitta will need to delegate at Kapha who are steady. For instance Mariah from the Content Queen who supports my content creation and strategy, who is my partner in business. She is Kapha and she is keeping my Pitta fire and my Vata connection to source into the consistency of the Earth with her Kapha energy.

My partner, Johan, is Kapha as well, so when I want to move house, I initiated our search for the house. He was actually the one taking over the daily alert on Domain and RealEstate and doing the consistent actions that made it possible for us to find a house in such a short term.

You can see how these partnerships help me balance. They allow me to get what I need to get done in my life in business because I am aware of my strengths. You will find you connect best with those who balance your energy.

Final thoughts

As mentioned above, it all starts with awareness of the strengths of your blueprint and how to bring it into balance by yourself and by surrounding yourself with the right energy and people.

Of course these are generalised interpretations of the doshas and the reality is we are all shifting regularly, influenced by the seasons, where we live, our age, time of the day and lifestyle choices. You are influenced by the elements and the energies within and around you all the time. We will be impacted. But knowing your doshas and then applying some of the insight from that knowledge to the way you work and get things done can be really helpful in supporting you to play to your strengths.

If it is something you’d like to dive deeper into and apply in your business or guide your clients through, join the waitlist of Ayurveda in Business. The only course out there that will make Ayurveda simple to apply in your daily entrepreneurial life.

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