The top 5 oracle cards for beginners

When we think of spirituality we mainly think, oracle cards. We might also think about other rituals, but oracle cards for beginners are always a hot topic.

Are you starting out in your spiritual journey and want to know my top oracle card recommendations? Or maybe you are looking for a new deck and want to be inspired?

Regardless, let me give you my top 5 oracle cards.

Oracle cards for beginners

If you are looking for oracle card guidance and want to know the answer to questions like “how do I choose my deck?”, “How do you start using Oracle Cards?” and “What can oracle cards be used for?”, then I have the perfect solution for you.

You can check out my free video guiding you through everything oracle cards to help you from the very beginning.

But to give you a bit of a background, oracle cards are “not here to tell your future, they are here to guide you. They help you master your intuitive energy and are here to break patterns”.

So let’s get into some of my favourites!

The top 5 oracle cards for beginners

1. Isis Oracle from Alana Fairchild

To be honest, I love anything by Alana Fairchild. So if you are looking for oracle cards, you will find some amazing ones from her. The Isis Oracle is all about the Goddess. It was a deck I used a lot in my Goddess Embodiment Sisterhood. It is a beautiful deck to help apply the ancient teachings of Isis in the most beautiful and practical ways. To help navigate the challenges and experiences that arise. These are colourful, full of symbolism and is a deck I call on a lot.

2. Psychic Tarot from John Holland

A deck I LOVE as well. One beautiful experience I had with this deck was with a client. She was waiting for results from a test she was having, and the card “universe” came up. She trusted. Her results gave her not the best news and she ended up needing major surgery. Throughout the whole time she trusted. I pulled a card for her after she was in the hospital for nearly 4 weeks, the “universe” card came up again. She surrendered and a few days later came out of hospital. This deck is special.

It is also great for symbolism and relates to shapes, numerology and energy centres. A really beautiful deck.

3. Dreamtime Reading Card from Laura Bowen

This is a deck a friend bought for me after I told her I wanted to connect to more ancient wisdom of Aboriginal Australia. I love this deck so much and it is so powerful to connect to the spirit and teachings. I love how they feature the flora and fauna as well as animals and anything native to Australia. All the cards have beautiful meaning and personal messages to help you be guided by this incredible wisdom.

4. Moonology from Yasmin Boland

If you are looking to connect with the moon or want a deck to work perfectly with New and Full Moons, these are perfect. These are a favourite with the Full Moon circles I host in person. This deck offers all the different moon phases and the moon positions. They all relate to areas of life from health to family, travel, money. They offer beautiful guidance and give you actions to take or things to reflect. One of the crowd favourites.

5. Work your Light from Rebecca Campbell

A very popular deck for beginners and one I always recommend. It comes with a variety of cards that I will quote from her page.

“Confirmation cards: Cards that give a clear black-and-white answer to your question. Action cards: Cards that give guidance on specific physical action. Soul inquiry cards: Cards that help you clearly hear the whispers of your soul. Activation cards: Cards that activate energies and healing within you. Transmission cards: Cards that act as initiations and transmissions to the energies that would be beneficial for your healing”.

They are also designed light and beautiful to give safety and comfort when using the cards.

Final thoughts

These are my top 5 oracle cards for beginners. What ones do you love? Come over to Instagram and show me! Or if you bought one from my list, share it to stories and tag me!

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to buying oracle cards, here is my advice. Shop local and try to buy them in store rather than online (if you can). This supports local business and also allows you to get a feel for the cards.

Choose the ones you feel guided to and if you want more support, there are some resources below to help you! But if you really want to learn more about oracle cards, my masterclass is the perfect place to start!

Have fun, enjoy it and remember, they are a tool for guidance. You have the answers within you!


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