How to manifest your dream! The 5 Prompts to start connecting with your most authentic soul desire

Are you ready to start manifesting your dreams? Here are the 5 prompts to help you!

Recently I had a member of my Essential Alchemy saying: ‘I would love to learn more about how you manifest things.’

After asking her exactly what she was after, she told me that she wanted to know more about how I was always so clear on what I wanted to manifest, what are the dreams that I want to manifest.

Indeed, finding clarity is an important part of the manifestation process, but keep in mind that what you think you want to manifest now may change as you dive into finding out what is your true essence, your highest self, your most authentic self. However you name it.

So at this point, I’d like to dive a bit deeper into how you can start to discover and connect with your most authentic self and soul desire.

One of the most important questions to ask ourselves in this manifestation process is:

Am I manifesting from my authentic self, from what my soul desires?

What do I mean by soul desire?

We all suffer from comparisonitis. It is influenced by our societal and familial programming – what we think we should do or what we’ve seen others achieve.

That’s why it is so important to connect with your soul desires from a place that is authentically you.

For instance, I worked with a conscious business owner and she thought she wanted to manifest a $100k in revenue this year. But when we look at the root of why she was calling this in, it was to allow her more freedom and flexibility. So her soul is really craving for more impact, defining her own schedule, working as a nomad.

This nuance is very important in the manifestation process as it is shifting the manifesting from a place of lack into a place of alignment with your mission, passion and purpose.

Another common example of misalignment with your soul desire is when you are manifesting something to impress someone else (a parent, a co-worker, a partner, an ex etc.).

This is not coming from your true self and essence. So it is not authentic and you won’t be satisfied if you get it.

How to connect with your soul desire?

I love to guide my clients through a visualisation for them to connect with it.

But I’d love to share with you some journal prompts that will help you uncover your soul desire and authentic self.

As you journal, please suspend your judgement and write freely from your heart and soul. Don’t try to impress anyone or write your answer based on what would make you look cool, smarter, etc.

As I’ve shared previously, don't try to be someone else. Embody your true self and wholeself, otherwise you’ll never find your own flow.

Your 5 prompts for manifestation

There are 5 prompts given to you below. Don’t get caught up in all the thoughts to get the perfect answer. Just write. Those four elements you list for each question will help you put together your soul desire!

  • Where does most of your energy go/want to go? If no one was watching, where would you spend more of your time? List the top four.

  • What is the most organised part of your life? Is it your social life? Calendar? List the top four.

  • When you dream of your future, what do you think about the most? Think experiences, objects, moments. List the top four.

  • When you are with friends or in a social setting, what do you talk most about? What do you wish you could talk about? List the top four.

  • What are your long-term goals? What comes up when you think about long-term goals? What are you always wishing for or manifesting? List the top four.

Now, look at the four elements for most. What is the core theme you see?

For example, mine are: Impact (which means leaving a legacy, being of service and doing transformative work for the world), holding space (which means deep listening, guiding others, allowing medicine to be shared), rituals practice (which means connection with my own soul, body and mind, spiritual growth, connection to ancient wisdom), sustainability (finding balance of self, the community, the business and the environment).

Now turn to a new page in your journal and label it your “Soul Desire". Make sure you date it!

What are your current four Soul Desire words? Feel free to journal until they become really clear!

Case Study - finding friends in our new neighbourhood

If you follow me on social media, you may have seen I moved to a new part of Sydney. Ever since being in Australia, I have stuck mostly to the Bondi area. But as my husband and I wanted to buy a home, we decided to move south of Bondi. Of course I was able to manifest the perfect house for us (read more here), but since being here of course the need for friends and connection has been very strong.

In Bondi, there was a big French community, so even walking down the street I would bump into multiple French people. In my new location, of course it is all new and I don’t know as many people. On Sunday as I was journaling, I set an intention to make more friends in my new neighbourhood. That afternoon I went for a walk with my family.

When we got to the beach I noticed a family and the Dad of the family was speaking with what sounded like a French accent. I asked if he was French and as he turned around, it was apparent to my husband that this man was someone he knew from back in France. They went to Business School together! So it was amazing to know they now live in our area.

On our way home we also bumped into some friends (who have children) that were also living in Bondi and now have moved to our area. This is no coincidence that we ran into them on Sunday, this is manifestation.

Recently I also held a competition on my Instagram. I wanted 300 sign ups to really make this a beautiful collaboration. In the end, there were 324 sign ups and I was blown away by how flowy this has been.

One thing you need to remember is that manifestation is all about setting an intention, trusting that intention and doing what you can to make it full into place for you! I have been manifesting for a long time now, it all takes divine action and consistency.

Final thoughts

Start now connecting with your true soul desire with the prompts and start your manifestation practices following my tips in my previous articles.

You can also connect with the moon and seasonal cycles to make your manifestations more intentional and powerful. Of course, this is all something I guide the members inside the Essential Alchemy membership. I am inviting you to join us.

I’d like to take this moment to thank Lacy Phillips who has guided me a lot on the power of Manifestation.

What are you looking to manifest right now? Please feel free to comment below or tell me on Instagram.

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