How to manifest abundance in your business

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

You know in the last few months, the power of my manifestations have really come into fruition. I manifested a house AND quitting my full-time job to go all in with my business (while having a $25k month). Learning how to manifest comes down to a few factors I want to share with you now.

If you’re reading this, you likely have something in mind that you want to manifest.

On the first page of your journal, write: What I think I want to manifest [today's date].

Of course, no journey is easy. You don't just wish for things and they happen. You must have a blend of the "doing" and the "trusting".

Let’s dive deeper into the practice!

What does manifestation mean?

If we look at the definition on Wiki, it reads “manifestation is the act of becoming manifest, to become perceptible to the senses”.

The manifestation technique I use and recommend using is ‘neural manifestation’ from Lacy Phillips. I learnt it and applied it now with my clients. Neural Manifestation is a process backed by neuroscience, psychology, epigenetics and energetics – with a little spirituality sprinkled on top. It’s based on raising your self-worth and stepping into your unique authenticity by reprogramming the subconscious limiting beliefs that you picked up during childhood and throughout your life.

About the importance of being realistic in your manifestation

I am sure you'll come across a lot of content about manifestation on social media and online. It is very trendy.

I have manifested everything in my life without really knowing it. People would say I am lucky. I know now but I'm just clear about what I want, and that I took inspired action to make it happen.

What tends to happen in manifestation is we can focus too much on what is unobtainable in the near future. It means us feeling uninspired and disempowered because the unrealistic things are not happening for us. You need to recalibrate the thinking around manifestation and its power.

When we think about unrealistic manifestation, these are things we want but aren’t likely to see happen in the next 6-12 months. This can be due to unalignment in your subconscious mind around worth and abundance.

If you’re brand new to this work, look at your manifestation list and make sure you’re calling in things that are realistic in the next 6-12 months. Here is an example of a home manifestation based on our experience:

Unrealistic: A mansion in Bondi Beach overlooking the ocean, when you are currently a renter with a humble savings and starting your own business.

Realistic: A house in the shire close to the ocean, that’s more in our style, current budget and close to a good school.

How to successfully manifest?

The first step (which is powerful to do through a burning ritual as I love to guide in my letting go ceremony with my clients in private or inside my group of membership) is to Let Go.

Before you start, let go of the beliefs that are ingrained in your mind now around manifestation. This is a chance for you to dive into your past to give yourself what you needed at that time, so you can move ahead in your life in a way that feels good for you.

The second step is to Trust.

Do you remember my acronym LET in the blog post a few months ago?

We must lean into everything we’re feeling in order to heal, so we can bring our manifestations to reality. I love to repeat to my clients: we can’t heal what we can’t feel.

Any of the negative thoughts or emotions you have can leave you hanging onto limiting beliefs, this is where reprogramming can come in to guide you.

The third step is Be Quiet. Give yourself time to focus on your breath and ask yourself “what is the one thing that I need to do, that my soul wants?” Don’t force an answer. This will help you to communicate with your soul/.

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How to manifest abundance in your business

The steps to manifest that I’ve used to manifest my house and my ‘Mission to March’ (going full-time in biz)

Let me break this down for you!

(1) Find Clarity: By being clear with my intention. If you are not clear, I’d love to help you in my program to find what your soul desires.

(2) Make your List: Now that you have an idea of what you’re manifesting, it's time to build out your list and call your manifestations in. No rules about the list, either super specific or focus on the energy of the thing or how it will make you feel. All of this depends on your blueprint. We will cover HD and Natal charts later. In either method, list the elements you know you want, but leave the rest to surprise. It is really important to write it down with pen & paper as discussed in this blog about the power of writing it down - see more about how I did it here.

(3) Believe in your manifestation: I love the practice of listing your Expanders: A concept from Lacy Phillips on neuro manifestation. She defined it this way: an Expander™, aka “seeing is believing,” is a person you deeply identify with, who has a background similar to yours and has gone on to become successful in, own or embody what you want (job, relationship, house, success, friendships, relationship with self, etc).

(4) Aligned Action: Taking aligned actions towards your manifestation.

(5) Trust and surrender while it is happening: We often explain the in-between place as Magic Dark. It is a time where you are trusting in the power of manifestation. It can be very interesting to see all the things you have asked for start to appear. It is a time to enjoy the process and allow everything to unfold at a time that is perfect for you. It is not a time to obsess. This time of Magic Dark can last days, weeks or even months. There is not a time limit for this. When you trust in yourself, in the Universe, you will start to notice the shifts and your manifestations start to appear. Keep your self-care going to ensure the doubt doesn’t creep in. It is a time of big tests sent from the Universe to see if you really want what you have asked for without settling.

How to manifest abundance in your business

Final thoughts

I have manifested without knowing I was manifesting for a long time until I discovered the work of Lacy Phillips.

I have been learning her Neural Manifestation technique, applying it successfully myself and sharing it with my client’s for a few years. What I love about Lacy Phillips' approach is her blending spirituality with science, marrying beautifully the divine feminine and divine masculine.

I’d like to express my gratitude for Lacy’s approach and teaching.

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