What is the power of community?

Going it alone is OK. That’s what I did for a long time. I learned a lot, but I learned it the hard way. I learnt the power of community.

But you don’t have to do what I did. You can become empowered in your journey as impact driven entrepreneurs and conscious leaders AND you can have the support of others around the world who are doing the same thing.

Community is so valuable. It’s at the core of the ‘Essential Shift Membership + Collective’

You don't have to do it alone.

Just as humans are designed to connect with nature we are also designed to connect with one another.

We are ‘herd animals’ being part of a group helps us to survive and thrive. Therefore, you seek out a tribe, a community to which you belong and feel loved and accepted by. A sense of connection is essential to developing healthy self esteem, without this, life is full of struggle.

A feeling of disconnection from your surroundings can also cause you to struggle; you need to be where you can thrive.

Success stories inside Essential Alchemy

Serving a community is what loads of us are here to do. It is what fills us with that spark and joy. It is what brings us together.

The Essential Alchemy membership is here to serve that purpose. There is a huge community element which is truly special. I just wanted to share some of the amazing words from the women in this community space.

Sara from Costa Rica after opening herself about some personal struggles inside our safe private group sent me this note (that she gave me permission to share here):

‘I love how sacred the space feels. I received a lot of love when I opened up about my struggles and it means a lot to me.’

Cathleen, a member of Essential Alchemy community recently shared:

‘I always leave the sessions feeling inspired, calm and realising that we are all in the same boat having different problems, struggles, overcoming fear and that I am not the only one feeling all those feelings.’

Adrienne from Sydney told me recently how this community is like a sisterhood for her:

‘The community is super supportive and diverse! I learn so much from everyone being equally invested in sharing authentically and from the heart.’

You are not alone in your desire to reconnect with your whole-self and find a like minded community.

As you can see in my free community ‘Essential Shift Collective’, as we are going through the 3-Day ‘Bring your Vision to Life Challenge', there are so many others out there who also want to start a soul aligned business and feel expansive by surrounding themselves with like minded entrepreneurs and leaders.

While the 3-Day Challenge will wrap up on August 18, you can continue to receive inspiration, insight, and support all of the way through the process of Bringing your Vision to Life by joining Essential Shift Collective. It will provide you with the same blends of spirituality, strategy, community and FUN.

My experience with community

When I moved from France to Australia 7 years ago, I had to find a new community. It takes time and it is hard to find women that are really open to share their experiences vulnerably and authentically.

So I decided to create this safe space to share about my journey, but also invite others to share their experiences. Essential Alchemy is a co-creative space where you’ll find like minded impact driven women ready to hold you accountable in staying true to your purpose, your values while making profit and growing spiritually.

You're never going to be on your own again. The moment you join the Essential Alchemy Membership, you become part of a supportive community who will help you stay on track and share your values.

Final thoughts

It is all about building a community you can count on instantly when you need access to mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and tactical support.

You are more likely to persevere if you have access to a community and curated content to support you.

You are the only person that can control your life but you can't do it alone. Behind many success stories you are a community in the background that made it possible. So stay committed to strengthen your social connections and join a supportive community like Essential Alchemy.

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