The difference between the divine feminine and masculine

Being vs doing. What is better? What should we do more of? Less of? This is the difference between divine feminine and masculine.

You might feel one of them is more dominant in your life than the other. You might not have any idea.

Spend this time right now, reflecting and learning about each energy type. What energy you have more of and from there, create more balance in your life. The answer you are looking for is “which one is better?”, is simple.

They are both equally important. There are just different people in this world who need to balance one more than the other.

What is divine femnine and divine masculine?

Divine feminine and divine masculine are two different types of energy. Two different behaviours within our day to day life. These represent different attitudes and are not related to the gender we recognise under.

When in balance, these two energy types can be so powerful in helping us shape the way we do life and business. However, it is common for these energies to be “out of balance” when we focus on different aspects of our life.

What are the differences between these two energy types?

The keywords of divine feminine and divine masculine

This feminine/masculine spectrum is a way of describing two sets of behaviours and attitudes that everyone is capable of, but each set traditionally has been ascribed either to men or to women.

Both kinds of energy are powerful tools for shaping our lives, especially when used in balance.

However many of us get out of balance by focusing on or valuing only one set over the other.

These “keywords” include:


  • Doing

  • Logic

  • Reasoning

  • Focus

  • Certain

  • Confidence

  • Shiva

  • Right Side of the Body

  • Yang


  • Being

  • Intuitive wisdom

  • Flow

  • Ease

  • Unconditional Love

  • Shakti

  • Left Side of the Body

  • Yin

Can you see how we need all of these? Not just one.

The difference between divine feminine and masculine

We bristle at the designation of certain qualities being inherently “masculine” (i.e., assertive, dominant) and others being “feminine” (i.e., intuitive, caring). What shifts that paradigm, though, is the understanding that those polarities can be completely divorced from our construct of gender and that we all contain myriad, often dynamic, combinations of both.

Of course, we’re talking about universal energies—although they’re commonly associated with gender, I am not referring to gender at all. We’re all born with both yin and yang energies; we all have the potential to lean more towards one polarity or the other.

After tens of thousands of healing sessions, I realise no one will ever attain a perfect balance of both energies. But we all present with a greater dominance of one or the other, and the above keywords are a general guideline to assessing these energies—and using them to create harmony in your life and within.

Which energy are you running too much on?

Now you understand the difference between the two energies, both divine masculine and feminine, let’s reflect. Have a think about the current state you are in now. This is a good way to determine what energy you are focussing on now. Come back and do this whenever you feel out of balance.

This exercise has been taken from my blog “How you can prevent burnout and work in alignment with your divine feminine and divine masculine”.

  • Are you spending time not doing anything? Are you loving slowness? Are you watching the clouds and just being?

  • Do you feel all the feels? Are you mostly making decisions guided by your heart instead of rationale? Do you have compassion, softness and nurturing qualities

  • Are you creative? Do you spend time connecting with your creative power: chanting, drawing, etc.?

  • Are you open to receive support? inspiration? Abundance?

  • Are you compassionate with yourself and others instead of strong all the time? Do you embrace your own softness and nurturing qualities?

What did you say? Did you notice you sway towards yes more than no? Or no more than yes? Learn more about how you can prevent burnout and work in alignment with your divine feminine and divine masculine in this article.

Final thoughts

Start noticing the divine feminine and the divine masculine in your life. Check in daily (or even a few times a day) and ask yourself “where is my energy going mostly today?”. Then ask yourself “does this feel in balance with what I am creating?”. It is the simple questions like this that can help you balance out your energy to help you live more in alignment with what you are here to create.

Some days you will be in one energy more than the other, that is okay. But just make sure it feels right for you and your energy. Learn more about your energy with the articles featured below.


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