The 3 practices to connect with your voice

What does your voice mean to you? How do you consciously connect with your voice?

Your voice is the organ of your soul. Your voice represents the wisdom of your soul. Connecting with the quality of your voice regularly will give you information on your energy. It is a subtle work but essential for your business.Your voice is the instrument of your life and business.

This week on the podcast covers this topic in a beautiful way. I welcomed one of the members of the Essential Alchemy Membership as a guest, Sally Prosser, who is a voice and public speaking coach.

If you’re curious to learn more about the story, listen to the full episode.

But let’s dive into the 3 simple practices for you to return to your voice, your soul-vibration, called Tejas in Ayurveda. If you don’t know what Ayurveda is, read more here.

What is the power of sound and your soul-voice?

What I have taught my clients in Ayurveda in Business (my course blending ancient practice with entrepreneurship), is that sound is central to the very act of creation.

In many ancient traditions, the birth of the universe is connected to sound and the spoken word. For instance, in the Vedic tradition it is said that the goddess Durga riding her lion, carried her damaru and drummed the world into existence.

In Aboriginal culture, I encourage you to read about the Rainbow Serpent story.

So your voice and the sound is a powerful creative force.

We also work a lot on our voice inside my mastermind The Goddess Embodiment Sisterhood where we do toning and chanting for you to remove the dust on your voice.

Refine the voice in your business. The way you use your voice is a deep expression of your brand. So we work a lot on it as your business is a soul-searching journey, and so, a soul-voice journey.

The 3 Simple practices to connect to your voice

These are simple, easy to implement practices. But they are here to help guide you and connect to your voice. To bring alignment to your voice. To help you speak your wisdom and your truth.

1. Diaphragmatic breathing technique

Known as a full body breath. A full body breath is just that. Breathing with your whole body. To lie down. To place one hand on your heart and one on your belly. To inhale slowly through your nose and push it to your stomach. Then exhale, tighten the stomach muscles and let the stomach fall with the exhale through your lips. You can repeat this for 5-10 minutes.

If you want to read more about this breathing technique, you can read all about it here.

2. Make warm up sounds

Start with H-U-M. Breathe in and then sing HUMMMM. Then make the sound M-A-H

Breath in and then M-A-H.

What we are looking for is that consistency of sound in your voice. Not a crackling or out of breath voice. Our breath needs to be in flow, breathe in when we are pausing, breathe out when we are using our voice to speak or chant. It is simple yet, lots of you may never think about consciously breathing

3. Chanting

Start chanting vedic Mantra. All Vedic mantras are powerful, I’ve shared my favourite ones on my Ayurveda in Business course (join the waitlist now).

Thus, the instrument that is our own voice combined with Sanskrit words can create a powerful healing force that revives our Intuition, consciousness, and inner wisdom, and restores our natural state of balance.

You can read my previous blog article about the power of chanting as a daily exercise.

How listening to my voice helped me have huge impact on stage

It is a story I share in a podcast interview, how when I stepped on stage in March 2021 to deliver a masterclass last year in front of a huge audience for IWD, I paused and decided to facilitate an alternate nostril breathing exercise to help me reconnect with my breath and then deliver an impactful message.

Everyone in the audience did the exercise with me and it created this powerful energy and vibration and then everyone was present and super alert during my presentation.

No one realised it was improvised and many came to me after saying: I needed that breathwork.

This is how we create connection, through breathing in unison. Our breath became in sync. We were deeply connected.

Listen to your voice, your intuition and your own needs when you deliver your message.

Final thoughts

Let’s connect with the silence as well. Silence and words are golden. Remember that when you sit in silence your intuition is harnessed. In the simplicity of silence, clarity arises.

Your inner sound arises during your practice of silence. So do not decide in advance what sounds will come or what form they will take. Be open in heart and mind to what comes to you. What if you were allowed just one word today? What would it be? And to whom would you say it?

Feel free to message me on Instagram to share that with me. If you want to learn more about these ancient practices and how they can help you in business, join my Ayurveda in Business course. The waitlist is open!

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