The power of chanting - a daily exercise to open possibilities and to connect with your voice

The mystery of the voice: nothing is as simple as your voice, yet it is complex because the voice is the messenger of your soul.

Not many people allow themselves to sing daily, either by being afraid of looking ridiculous or doubting about their own vocal capability.

But deep inside, those who don’t, keep inside of them the nostalgia of not being able to sing and the desire more or less conscious to learn how to use it.

I know that some of my relatives got told that they were not able to sing well and for that they are never singing now. It is so wrong as our voice is a way to reconnect with your essence. So please stop believing that you don’t know how to sing or chant and reconnect with your voice. We don’t learn how to sing, we sing naturally.

Let me explore with you the power of chanting.

The voice

Our voice is always sending clear messages to us: your voice and tone of voice can tell about your feelings, your health and many other elements.

Our voice put us in vibration, in resonance. With our voice, we are creating a continuum of energy within us that calms your nervous system, and any tensions (physical, mental, emotional).

That’s why I love to teach some practice of toning and chanting to my clients to open their chakras and let the energy flow within them. Activating the kundalini with specific vowels, mantras, sound for each chakra. If you are keen to go deeper and after a holistic harmonisation, apply for my Soul Alchemy Program.

The science behind chanting

The power of chanting and using your voice daily is proven by science. Maybe for you, in order to express yourself through chanting, you need to know the facts.

How is it going to help you? As mentioned in a news story by the ABC, "Scientific studies have found that chanting can decrease stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms, as well as increase positive mood, feelings of relaxation and focused attention”.

The Sydney Morning Herald also reported on the “The power of 'om': How chanting can help your stress and sleep”.

Both articles are a fascinating read, using a lot of research to explain the power of chanting for stress, trauma, anxiety, sleep and increased focus.

Chanting and Ayurveda

Working with your voice is part of a holistic approach: it connects your body, mind and soul/spirit together.

Allowing silence and space for the voice and chanting practices is key. Indeed, sound is associated with the element of space as mentioned in my 5 days elements course.

In the practice of Ayurveda, the art of chanting is a beautiful way to connect with the vijnanamaya kosha. This is when we have an experience of the soul (or spirit) beyond the name and form. It is a time we experience part of ourselves that is not just our mind or body.

We could describe this as “getting in the zone”. There are many ways people connect with vijnanamaya kosha, but the best and most effective way (as well as safest) is through chanting meditation.

Activating your own voice

There are many ways you can activate your voice, let’s explore a few!

  1. Sing! Of course sing your favourite songs. Sing without judgement and feel the energy through your body as you sing - here is what gets me singing!

  2. Sigh, groan or moan during your meditation or yoga practice

  3. Affirmations, choose your favourite affirmation and repeat it to yourself out loud in the mirror daily

  4. Chanting - “om” “ah”, using the chanting sounds. In my membership, you will find some amazing information and guides on chanting!

My own chanting journey

I used to chant in a choir as a kid. I did a lot of solo performances, I remember my teacher Mr Patrick Boulet mentioning how I had such a divine voice.

I’m always singing or making up lyrics of silly songs when I’m cooking, working, doing chores or in the car.

But I rediscovered my voice and the meditative power of it in India 16 years ago. This was when I spent a lot of time chanting mantras in temples, during yoga classes or in the different holy places I visited or in Amma ashram.

Before COVID I used to take private chanting and toning lessons with Nadav and recently did a workshop with Nadav & Haribhakti all about toning and working on my voice.

I’m also looking to develop more work around vocal yoga for my clients. I love to go to Kirtan concerts. I always bring my daughters with me. Even when they were babies.

If you are looking to join one in Sydney on April 25, come and join me - see here!

As mentioned in a previous article, when I chant mantras, I experience sushumna. It is such a powerful practice.

Today I love to chant mantras daily under my shower or in meditation with my harmonium. I also love to use my voice and sing or use sound during my circle or private sessions with my kalimba or medicine drum. The power of chanting and sound is so powerful.

Final thoughts

How are you going to activate your voice? Use the power of chanting, singing or just sound to bring forward your voice.

As you can see, there are many benefits from the art of chanting. It is a practice I use daily to help me stay calm, focused and also is a great way to bring some play and fun into my life.

At first it might seem like an exercise you might not be comfortable with (especially if you don’t sing much), but allow yourself to progress as you make it a daily practice.

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