Impacting over 100 women in 2021 - a review of the year

I always love encouraging you to reflect, fill your cup with all your achievements, learnings and joy in this crazy year of 2021, before rushing to setting your intentions and goals for 2022.

So, I thought I’d share my 111 things that made my year. This is 111 things I did, learnt, created or appreciated in this, the oddest of years. My word for this year was IMPACT and yes it had been an impactful year for sure.

I’d like to preface this by saying: I don’t want you to look at my list and think “What? celebrating this weird year? Is Laetitia not feeling the heaviness of COVID? Why is she still DOING THINGS OUT IN THE WORLD?”

We had a lockdown lasting over 100 days in NSW over this year and, of course, I miss seeing friends and my family in France as Australia locked our international borders from March 2020 up to November 2021. As I write this we know my parents in law will come in January from France, My parents in March and we will go in July 2022. So 2022 will be a year of family reunion and time in France. Hoping that 2022 will be time to return to a relatively normal life.

Want to listen to this as a podcast episode instead? SURE WHY NOT! See below.

  1. Bought a house, starting with this one as we have a full manifestation story behind it

  2. Leaving my corporate job as a general manager to go all in with essential shift, remember we spoke about my Mission to March 2021 in an article earlier in the year

  3. My own company being incorporated: Essential Shift Consulting Pty Ltd

  4. Made over 6 figures in sales in less than a year in business

  5. My puppy, Cookie, my dream since I was a little girl. I had pictures of puppies and horses all over my room and read magazines about it. I had a horse at my grandparents farm but never got a dog. So thrilled to finally have one at 37 years old!

  6. Attended a wedding on Facetime in France because the international borders of Australia were closed (for my sister-in-law and it was the most beautiful wedding. Sad to have missed it)

  7. Staying committed to reducing my carbon footprint all year: no plane, no new clothes, no meat, buying a lot of second hand gifts for my girls’ Christmas, etc.

  8. My podcast in September 2021 and recorded 14 episodes already with nearly 600 downloads

  9. Feeling connected and inspired daily

  10. My new office in our new home

  11. The girls correcting my french accent in english and telling me the right way to say kookaburras

  12. Stepped fully into my spiritual wisdom by sharing my story

  13. Launched my soul + biz alchemy 1:1 program that has been serving over 25 private clients

  14. Remembering that Rome hasn’t been built in one day and so it is in business. Embracing patience and surrender

  15. Living in sync with the seasons and the moon all year

  16. My community and membership: Essential Alchemy, such a deep level of connection in that sacred and safe space

  17. Launched my Goddess embodiment Sisterhood (aka mastermind) and witnessed incredible transformation

  18. Facilitating the second round of the Goddess Embodiment Sisterhood and we are 2 months in already with all of the goddesses going through massive shifts in their business and life

  19. Moved to a neighborhood after nearly 7 years in bondi beach at the beginning of 4 months lockdown

  20. Met new friends in our new neighborhood

  21. Put the girls in a Montessori school which we all love

  22. Prepared homemade waffles 🧇 every weekend

  23. Farewelled friends going back to Europe

  24. Created a mini-course on 'Bring your Vision to Life' that has enable participants to step closer to their dreams

  25. Started writing my book and invested in a book mentor to guide me

  26. Worked with a spiritual mentor to open my psychic gifts and mediumship

  27. Opened the door to my Ayurveda in Business course (finally after months in the making and over 16 years learning about ayurveda and applying it to business)

  28. Created a lunar calendar for 2021 for free that has been downloaded by many of you, 2022 is in preparation

  29. Embraced the ebbs and flows of over 100 days in lockdown

  30. Supported way over 100 women (100 was my intention at the beginning of the year) in my different containers or privately

  31. Held space online for over 50 events during the year from new moon circle, wheel of the year ceremonies, community coffees, workshop and more

  32. Facilitated a workshop for one of the biggest organisation in Australia, Woolworth, on the Art of Journaling

  33. Being a guest on 9 podcasts and enjoyed each of the interviews

  34. Built a cubby house for the girls in the backyard of our new house (lots of fun)

  35. Got published in different magazines and blogs (including Medium, Business Australia, Mums with Hustle and more) but celebrating here more specifically my interview on Thrive Global

  36. Been a facilitator for a high level mastermind online retreat to speak about divine feminine and divine masculine

  37. Locked in a contract to facilitate an in person retreat in Noosa in Feb 2022 along with Melissa Ambrosini

  38. Went camping in the Royal National Park for the Full Moon Eclipse in October, loved it

  39. Wrote daily in my journal

  40. Read over 50 books, I share a lot of recommendations inside my containers but thinking of disclosing a list of my favourites to all of you

  41. Facilitated in person full moon Circle at Selph prior to COVID lockdown

  42. Held 3 blessingways for beautiful mama's to be

  43. Witnessed over 50 clients giving birth to their soul-aligned business and/or new offerings

  44. Seen clients healed themselves, their lineage, their relationships

  45. Went on solo retreats regularly

  46. Went back on holiday to celebrate the end of my Telstra contract to the same place that we went over 6.5 years before to celebrate the same contract being signed

  47. Loved watching new TV shows, my favourite this year is probably Bridgeton

  48. Listened to a lot of podcast episodes during my walk

  49. No plan sunday, loving last minute ideas of activities as a family

  50. Have been keeping in touch regularly with my friends and family back in France despite not being able to visit them

  51. Working in alignment with my own energy. Full embodiment of what I teach

  52. The aligned team I have to support my business. I appreciate each and every one of you so much

  53. Watched the TV Show Friends for the first time, over 10 years after the last episode….what an amazing show. Loved it!

  54. Got a Tesla, it was my husband's dream for a while and I just loved that we drive this beautiful electric car now

  55. My Astrological planner from Magic of I. It is filled with gratitude moments, memories, manifestations and reflections.

  56. The different communities I’m part of

  57. Making my own ice cream

  58. Giving over 50 hours of support pro-bono for different communities

  59. Singing with the girls “I’m a powerful woman” as I drum

  60. Sleeping through the night a few nights in a row as the girls sleep better in our new home

  61. Prepared intentional ceremonial cacao for every sacred ceremony

  62. Created a rituals guide for you to download and embrace daily rituals with a planner as well

  63. Sharing our favorite moments of the day everyday at the diner table as a family

  64. Going on a weekend away without kids with Johan

  65. Celebrated each of the shabbats (wheel of the year) with intention and in circle

  66. My new bath, I LOVE spending hours in it with candles burning and music

  67. Surrendering to the chaos daily of having two hyperactive kids

  68. Shared openly about my burnout on my podcast

  69. Decluttered my home before moving and I love minimalism so much

  70. Created my ‘Align with the Elements Course

  71. Shared daily about my boundaries with my family, clients, relationships

  72. Got all my finances sorted out and on top of my investment game

  73. Grew my pinterest account and love pinning inspiration all the time. Follow here

  74. Attended kirtan in person and online as much as possible

  75. Learnt more about toning and voice yoga during a training

  76. Doing my yearly full health holistic check up

  77. Handmade gifts for each of the beautiful souls I got to help this year in finding alignment with their soul and business

  78. Savour ceremonial grade cacao in sync with the cycle of the moon

  79. Naps in the middle of the day if I feel like it

  80. Created many offerings, products, courses and programs alongside my clients. Innovation strategy is my zone of genius

  81. Bought most of the things we own second hand to reduce the landfill waste (even if it means we waited over 5 months to get a beautiful outdoor table)

  82. Dancing like nobody's watching everyday

  83. Immersing myself in the smell of the star Jasmine in full bloom in my garden

  84. Gave the family homemade plant medicine

  85. Drink daily Ayurvedic elixir to nourish my soul, body and mind

  86. Pulled oracle or tarot cards daily

  87. Recording over 50 different meditations for my clients to deepen their intuition, connection to their womb space and the elements

  88. Working with my dear friend Emmanuelle to start our own oracle deck to be released in 2022

  89. Deeped my understanding of astrology with my spiritual teacher Lise

  90. Being kind with myself, my family and one stranger daily

  91. Connecting more and more with my lineage in meditation

  92. Learning a lot about social media, digital marketing, content marketing, content strategy, FB ads, etc. Such an exponential learning growth

  93. Investing in deepening my knowledge on Ayurveda with other teachers. I’ve been learning for over 16 years and never ending

  94. Clarity on my offerings and my mission as I iterated, tested and found my zone of genius. Another reminder that it is all about trusting the process

  95. Launched a 90 mins intensive to help more soul-led business owners and leaders have a one-off consulting partnership (Unique Client Avatar, Intentional Planning, etc.) and learn more about their unique blueprint (Human Design, Natal Chart, etc.)

  96. Enjoyed regular date nights with Johan

  97. Started occupational therapist for Zoe and seeing her thrive at school

  98. Saw my clients moving away from burnout to flow

  99. Teaching my girls the power of plants

  100. Helped a dear private client overcome health complications

  101. Supported a client in launching her online skin care line

  102. Been by the side of one of my client while creating and launching her membership with over 80 people in after only a few weeks and creating a multi 5 figures extra revenue for her in the middle of COVID

  103. Taught beautiful clients the power of connecting with goddess energy

  104. Channelled 111 messages in 20mins for my upcoming oracle cards deck for soul led entrepreneurs

  105. Taught meditation to Zoe and Lou

  106. Shared a lot of profound conversations over FaceTime with my parents and my brother. Love you a lot

  107. Embracing the mantra: enjoy the present moment as a friend of mine who passed on the other side

  108. Used Voxer daily, my favourite app to interact with my private clients and goddesses inside my goddess embodiment sisterhood

  109. Homemade cappuccinos. We bought a second hand Jura coffee machine. I love making my own coffee

  110. Grew my audience on all platforms exponentially: I tripled my mailing list community and grew my Instagram community from less than 400 to near 4,000

  111. Giving and sharing my gifts with strangers, through giveaways, pro-bono, workshops etc.

I would love to know what is coming up for you! Even better, share with me some of your 2021 celebrations either in the comments or on Instagram.

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