24: How to be magnetic in business

Be magnetic! Invite in feminine energy into your business. It is time. I credit a lot of my business success on the flow and flexibility I have been able to create in my business. Not the hustle and bustle. Rather than working 9-5 and burning yourself out as a business owner, I want to hold space for you to honour the flexibility that you want and blend in this time of rest. While also having this time of inspiration and receiving guidance which is the divine feminine. During this podcast episode I will take you on a behind the scenes journey of how I grew my business with flexibility! It is now your turn to do the same! If you LOVED the episode, make sure you share this on your Instagram stories and tag me @essential.shift.


  • What is divine feminine and divine masculine?

  • How can you create more feminine energy in your business

  • How I grew my business with flexibility and flow

  • What is the next step for freedom and flexibility


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