18: The power of letting go to birth a soul business with Joanna Cabot-Jossua from Holistic Ceramics

Are you looking for guidance to LET GO more and embrace your purpose? To embrace change and even welcome it? Well, this is what you need.

In this episode we speak about how our amazing guest, Joanna, received the inspiration to create her ceramics business by connecting within and letting go of control. It is a beautiful episode full of insights and joy. Be prepared to start your aligned business after listening to it and embracing the motto: JUST DO IT.

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  • How to connect with your soul-purpose

  • What are the steps to birth an aligned business

  • The power of letting go and changing your perspective (especially during lockdown)

  • The ‘just do’ it reminder


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Joanna Cabot-Jossua is a psychic-medium and healer. She is inspired by her everyday spiritual experiences to create the ceramic tools you need to heal and feel connected.

She founded Holistic Ceramics in 2018 and it is this story you are going to hear in this episode. She wanted to create mindful ceramics with crystals, protection symbols and spiritual meanings. Joanna started using clay as a meditative and healing medium to express her creativity and find her purpose. Her inspirations are connected to spiritual experiences she encounters in her everyday life. Throughout the handmade method, Joanna channels positive, protective, healing and vibrant energies in her ceramics to bring you a sense of calm and peace. She is from an island called St Barthélémy in the French West Indies. She moved to Paris at the age of 13 for 10 years before coming to Australia.

Bless it be.

With love, Laetitia!

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