6: Honouring your creative practice with Elena Brower

Do you have a creative practice? You know, the type of ritual, routine or something you implement daily that helps really spark that energy inside of you!

This week on the podcast week we have the amazing Elena Brower to talk about all things creative practice and developing strategies to make space for them. Creative activity is at the heart of Elena work and her podcast Practice You.

So sit back, get a tea and learn more about how you can unlock your creative energy!

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  • How to connect with the flow of creativity

  • The importance of organising your time to be creative

  • The 3 steps to connect with your creative practice

  • The 3 steps to start sharing your gift


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Mama, teacher, artist, bestselling author and host of the Practice You Podcast, Elena has taught yoga and meditation since 1999. Her first book, Art of Attention, has been translated into seven languages, and her second, Practice You, is a bestseller. Elena's yoga and meditation classes are on Glo.co and her Essential Mentorship is beloved for bringing analog creativity to online coursework.

Bless it be.

With love, Laetitia!

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