Karine, CEO & founder of Orama Recruitment

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When I met Laetitia I was in a limbo of choices and uncertain about where to direct my professional and personal life.

Laetitia’s presence is very calming, she is structured, pragmatic and has this amazing holistic vision which in my opinion is a rare quality for a coach.

She helped me focus on the areas of my life that I really wanted to improve.

She helped me to organise my thoughts with her questions and to re-evaluate what was important to me.

The sessions provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make.

I am so grateful I met Laetitia! I strongly recommend her to any person looking for clarity and willing to move forward in their business, work life or personal life.

Caroline, CEO and founder of Skoutli


From the first time I spoke to Laetitia, I knew she was the perfect business coach to support me on my journey as I am starting my 2nd start-up. She has a unique experience as a consultant, an intrapreneur, an innovation and business coach and mindfulness aficionado that she leveraged so well in her one on one coaching session. 

She offered me tools, approaches, questioning and methodologies that I needed to gain clarity on my business, my purpose and my vision as well as my short term impact and focus. She pushed me to overcome some limiting beliefs and create the alignment and mindset I needed to feel empowered to succeed. I am ready to kick ass and would book further one-off session when I feel I need another push.

Sophie, Head of Transformation, Planning & Delivery

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I contacted Laetitia because I was stuck in my professional life. I wasn’t happy with my role nor my boss. I really wanted to do something different but I didn’t know where to start.


The work I did with Laetitia has just been amazing. It changed everything for me. Not only did she provide great tools and frameworks to help me think about my next move, but she also helped me unpack my belief system and identify my limiting beliefs.


Through her (sometimes very challenging!) questioning, she helped me realise that the main barrier to my career was what and how I was thinking about it. Together we built a pragmatic plan and then she followed up with me to ensure I was taking action. And it worked! Three month later, I’m heading up a new team, have much more responsibilities and I actually like my job!


Definitely recommend Laetitia to anyone who is not quite happy with their current work (or personal) situation and is ready to commit to change it!

Flore,Head of Marketing

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My coaching experience with Laetitia has been incredibly rewarding. Not only has it helped me define what I am really after and get clarity on the outcome and the path to it, it also helped me see more clearly what had been holding me back and gave me tools to clear out unhelpful habits and thoughts. 

Laetitia is very supportive and passionate, she made me feel at ease from the first session and It felt like as if we were taking the journey together as she helped me all the way. From my very first session I felt energised and more focused, ready to make changes in my life work wise. 

It’s been a fantastic journey and one I will continue as this is only the beginning of a new chapter. I’ve already achieved a major goal through her guidance and encouragement, and I am clear on the path to follow and the milestones to stay on track. 

The techniques and tools Laetitia used in the sessions and the habits that I have learnt are not just useful now but will serve me all my life. She has helped me understand what is really important for me and create a plan that is shaped around those priorities. 

I am grateful for what I have learnt over the 6 sessions I had with Laetitia, the plan we have put in place and the exciting career path I can now chase, and I would highly recommend her as a coach !

Carole, Lawyer


I have done the 6 week transition coaching program with Laetitia and it has been truly amazing. Laetitia is like a mind-reader, she has helped me to ask myself the right questions and find what I really want to do in my life. 

Thanks to Laetitia and her incredibly useful tools, I am not anymore in a "thinking mode" (mode which I have been in for a while now) but rather in a clear "doing mode" with a defined and concrete action plan. 

Laetitia is very easy to talk to, available, supportive and full of energy. She also makes you realise that nothing is impossible and I have never felt as motivated to overcome obstacles and achieve my goals.

Christina, Yoga Teacher

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Laetitia is coaching me in a perfect combination of using the tools of scientific knowledge and management experience with a holistic approach of spirituality. After my first package with her, she made things happen and changed my life for the better. Her way of coaching is well organised and structured and she has always an ear for me also besides the coaching hours. You feel being accompanied through your journey not only to a successful business but also to make life decisions based on your passion, and that with the aim that your future work will make you happy. I love starting my session with a calming exercise to dive deeply and concentrated to each very efficient session. Thank you, Laetitia. I look forward to my upcoming coaching sessions with you.