Shift by Design 

The Discipline to Turn Ideas into Reality

Want to challenge the status-quo?

We’ll help you create a team of confident innovators that march to the beat of a different drum.

Through a combination of design, strategy, social science, and technology, we work to upskill your team on the discipline of innovation to help your business navigate turbulent environments.

Does your team need the tools to think differently?


We can improve innovative thinking in anyone by sharing the discipline behind innovation.

We will equip you or your team with how to create the right mindset and environment for innovation to flourish and succeed without investing millions. We’ll give you proven tools to help you generate breakthrough solutions.

  • Every program is tailored to your needs and filled with practical tools that are simple enough to apply straight away. 

  • It’s a hands on skill building workshop or training. We usually focus on creative thinking, idea generation, ten types of innovation, decision making, prototyping, customer validation, etc.

  • We’ll always throw in the energy and laugh for free.

What my clients say
John Chambers.jpeg

John C., Executive Director Product Innovation, Melbourne, Australia 

Laetitia is an energetic, entrepreneurial leader able to bring teams across the company on her journey to execute new growth businesses. She is able to leverage her consulting experience and business acumen to drive effective strategic thinking and build momentum.

Laetitia is also a true pragmatist, she doesn’t like to waste time talking about how to get there, rather, she gets it done. She loves to share her passion and knowledge with the wider group

How does it work?
  • From half day, one or three full day interactive workshops or experiential training to one-on-one innovation coaching depending on your needs

  • Facilitated by Laetitia Andrac, skilled and passionate innovation coach with a unique expertise in Doblin innovation, Theory U, Human Centered Design and Systemic Design

  • Ideally a few weeks between workshops to apply the learnings between workshop

What will it achieve?
  • An increase in innovation confidence to experiment and take innovative initiative.

  • A common language with which to talk about idea generation, prototyping and innovation.

  • Complete clarity around what a best-practice innovation looks like, innovation is about discipline.

  • The ability to save thousands, if not millions on expensive trials and failed innovation efforts.

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