What is your soul-calling? A powerful practice to connect with purpose!

The word calling, mission, Dharma, purpose or why comes so often in my conversations with my clients. What is your soul-calling and how do you find it? How do you connect with purpose?

I like to use the term: soul-calling, soul-desire or LIGHT (which is the topic of the book I’m currently writing).

It is a powerful question and how essential it is to connect with it to live intentionally. But it can be overwhelming. I remember after my burn-out the feeling of being lost, not knowing why I was here. What was my why? It was nearly 8 years ago and it is still a very potent feeling.

At that time, I enjoyed re-reading Start With Why by Simon Sinek (which I had read for an innovation project as a consultant a few years before). But what helped me the most in this soul-searching journey was making space to reconnect with lights my soul up. What sparks joy. We will get into this in more detail in this blog with a powerful practice.

Honouring your calling, your bold moves is also something you can implement into your business for sure. You are the leader, the CEO of your business. You get to choose.

On the podcast we cover this topic in a beautiful way. I welcomed Yvette, whom I met in corporate as she was a client of the innovative data analytics offerings I was leading, and we met again last year as I facilitated a workshop in a Mastermind that she was part of. Synchronicity and signs from the universe are everywhere when you are present!

If you’re curious to learn more about her breast cancer story and how she honours her calling, listen to the full episode.

But let me dive into a powerful practice for you to connect back with your calling, your mission, your dharma, your why, your purpose, whatever terms you’d like to use.

A powerful practice to connect with your soul-calling

First things first, a gentle disclaimer before we get into it. It takes time and patience to find your calling. It is a trial and error process.

Essential Shift is my 4th business and NOW I fully embrace and embody my calling. But it took me 3 prior businesses and 6.5 years of patience in what I call a ‘bridge job’ as a General manager in Corporate to step fully into it.

During those 6.5 years I integrated all the experiences, teachings, courses, books, retreats that I’ve been to.

So don’t expect any quick fix, overnight shifts with me. But it will for sure, remove some of the dust that accumulated on your unique light, your soul-calling.

I’m calling my work being a soul+biz doula and birthing a baby takes time from pre-conception, gestation to birth and the fourth trimester.

In my work, I guide you to give birth to your soul-calling business. ‘Accoucheuse d’ames’ would be the french translation of my work as it came to me this way in meditation.

The powerful practice to connect with your soul-calling and it will surprise you as it is not requiring anything for you to do is: Make space to connect with the things that lights you up.

It is about trial and error as I’ve said. And it only happens when you prioritise time OFF from your day to day to make space for the light to come in.

The women that joined my course Ayurveda in Business know how important it is to connect intentionally with the element of SPACE.

It is around it that all the 4 other elements navigate. If you are curious to learn more, join my Ayurveda in Business Waitlist. I have summarised what you can do in the below graphic.

Embracing your soul-calling requires you to choose a path and intuitive bold moves

When I refused my promotion in my corporate job as I had set my intention to go all in with Essential Shift, it didn’t make sense for anyone around me.

But it was a stepping stone for me to show the universe that I was ready.

Saying NO to something that is not aligned, we open another path for us.

I love to say that: ‘NO IS THE MOST MAGNETIC WORD’!

Living in alignment with your soul-calling cannot be done with compromise. You have to make the big bold moves.

Below is a beautiful representation that I love to share with my clients about the power of choosing one path.

You open new paths every time you make a decision of choosing one that is in alignment with your mission, calling and why.

The worst thing that can happen to you is not choosing a path and staying stuck. So how are you going to get started?

Final thoughts

Remember that there is always light and shade.

So embrace your calling and your path and enjoy the journey without staying focused only on the destination.

It is all about the ebbs and flow of life. I’m writing a whole book on this as I write this blog. Connect with me on Instagram if you’d like to be the first one informed when it is out.

But also, connect with these practices:

  1. Invite spaciousness to connect with the thing that lights you up

  2. Choose a path and experiment

  3. Make intuitively bold moves

Let me know how you go!

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