What is embodiment - the 3 practices to try now!

The word embodiment. What comes to mind when you hear that word? What do you think it actually means to be embodied?

Embodiment is also something you can implement into your business. What practices can help you as a business owner to reconnect within? It is more and more common to hear about embodiment so let’s share a bit more about it.

This week on the podcast covers this topic in a beautiful way. I welcomed one of my private clients as a guest, Claire, who is the founder of Find your Essence.

If you’re curious to learn more about the story, listen to the full episode.

But let me dive into the 3 simple practices for you to connect back with your body.

What is embodiment?

Embodiment is really trendy right now. Have you heard “to be embodiment” before?

Over 18 months ago, I launched my Mastermind: Goddess Embodiment Sisterhood and it was not that common.

After running two groups of women through the 7 month embodiment journey, I know how much it is needed in this world. REMEMBER how embodiment has always been key as human BEINGS and BODY.

Embody means to give a body to (a spirit). That makes embodiment a state of being embodied. To connect to your body’s wisdom and anchor to your spirit, heart, soul (whatever name resonates with you).

When you are embodied, you are fully present in the NOW and you are in your body and in connection with your soul, not stuck in your head.

Usually we say that embodiment practices are through connection to your senses, via your breath, touch, sound and/or movement.

Now that you know what it means, let's dive into 3 embodiment practices for you to start NOW.

Practice 1: Bhramari Breath & Sound Meditation: The inner buzzing of the goddess

Bhramari breath and sound meditation is a potent sound meditation. In Sanskrit the root bhram means “bees”. It refers to the hum of the inner consciousness, which makes a sound like a buzzing bee.

Performing this type of breath and sound meditation deeply penetrates within the invisible network that supports the third eye chakra (located in your mid-brow).

This type of practice helps with self-awareness and embodiment but also has many other benefits. It can help balance the nervous and immunological systems and help with any third eye chakra imbalances.

How to start:

  • Sit in a comfortable in your desired meditation posture.

  • Release the current breath from your body with a big exhalation through your nose.

  • Take in a deep breath and lock all the apertures of your face by using the fingers of both hands to close your eyes, nostrils, ears, and the mouth

  • Begin to vibrate the vocal cords by humming sound until you run out of breath

Want to go Deeper?

Join my membership where you have access to videos that show me practising Bhramari breath and sound meditation as well as other breathwork techniques in detail.

Practice 2: Free Dance

The importance of movement and dance is proven to release stress and reconnect. Put on some music you love and let your body move.

You can associate it with some mudras, using instruments such as a harmonium, a singing bowl or a drum and specific chants to amplify the benefit.

How to start

  • Find a space where you can dance like nobody's watching!!!

Want to go deeper:

Join the waitlist for my Goddess Embodiment Sisterhood.

Practice 3: Abhyanga (Oiling of the Skin)

It is one dinacharya practice that I share in my course Ayurveda in Business.

The oiling of the skin creates a protective and strengthening force field around

you for the day.

It is also relaxing you and reconnecting you with your body sensations.

How to start:

  • Apply oil for 5 minutes before you shower using long strokes along the bones and circular strokes on the joints.

Want to go deeper:

Join the waitlist of my Ayurveda in Business where I teach about this and other practices.

My story of embodiment

I’ve been disembodied when I was in strategy consulting to not feel the pain in my body of working so hard for such long hours under such intense pressure.

It was my way of coping. So when my body collapsed over 7 years ago, I knew I had to reconnect with my body.

Embodiment practices that I had learnt in my childhood (EFT, dance, breathwork, energetic massage) and in my early twenties (chanting mantra, drumming, connecting with the elements, yoga, pranayama) helped me heal myself and reconnect with my path.

Since I’ve always been really connected to my body. This is how I intuitively know when I’m going to get sick and I stop before, I know when I need to rest, I know how to move.

Remembering the deep connection with your body will help you tremendously in your business. This is why Essential Shift has the 3 circles in the logo that stands for Body, Mind and Heart.

My impact guiding my clients through their embodiment journey

Through circles (online and in person), I make it an important practice to sing, dance, chant and feel embodied. Whether it be in my New Moon circle or Full Moon circle, a Goddess circle. It is important for these practices to become part of my teaching. Through this I have helped women in their own healing journey (both mentally, physically and spiritually) and have helped them implement these practices into their daily life.

Final thoughts

Embodiment is a ritual. A practice we must implement into our day to day. To feel connected. To feel into our own energy.

This can help us turn into what our body (and mind) needs when challenges arise in our life and business.

Try any of the three practices above and let me know how you went with them!

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