The top 4 tips on how to grow your business (even with a small audience)

Have you ever read a “secret to business” that worked for you? Did you find the blueprint to creating the perfect business? Of course you didn’t. But there are tips. Things you can implement to move the needle.

These top 4 tips I am here to share with you are my tips. My experience and how I grew my business with a small audience. So here I want to break down what worked for me!

This might not 100% be your method, we all have different strategies, but this is what helped me build a business that has earnt me over 6 figures in cash in the first 7 months with a small audience.

You can check out the episode here if you prefer to listen!

Otherwise, let’s dive in!

Number 1: Strategy and Vision.

I always start with a VISION. Especially as a leader, an entrepreneur. Remember my post last week about it and the podcast interview with Anne. It starts with knowing your WHY, your strategy, your vision, your dream. You’ve heard me speaking about this in multiple episodes, in blog posts about the power of having a vision. You can check out some popular ones here:

When you are clear about your vision it expands. It comes into place. This will give you the 20/80% ratio. Remember my podcast and blog on this “Being more while doing less”. Go and have a listen.

Number 2: Blending spirituality.

Blending the divine masculine and feminine energies daily. I work in the energy and strategy. I receive and I give. I embrace rituals and I trust daily that I’m doing the right thing. I connect with my intuition. I allow space to integrate and receive new ideas. I look after my community. I trust the process and I trust what I do.

Align with the season, the cycle of the moon, my own cycle, my own blueprint. All of that plays a huge role in achieving what I did in this time for my business. Time is relative, remember. We can expand and contract it.

Number 3: Being focussed on ONE thing.

While developing different offerings and revenue streams (results come from each intentional small step you take).

We compare ourselves with established multi-year business owners but it is all about the small steps we take today. So stay focused on one step at a time. Developing this one new product, offering, service. Impacting this new client. Delivering an amazing customer experience to this one person. And then overtime it builds up.

Rome wasn't made in one day. You know this as I love to refer to it. It takes consistency to be an entrepreneur so please take REST and follow your dream one step at a time.

Number 4: Surround yourself with like minded people.

You don’t have to do everything yourself, being alone in your entrepreneurial journey.

In June 2020 I invested in a mastermind straightaway surrounding myself with beautiful other women looking to expand in business. If you are looking for your tribe and ready to blend spirituality and strategy, apply for join the waitlist of my Mastermind: Goddess Embodiment Sisterhood or join my membership: Essential Alchemy. It is the people you surround yourself with that will truly inspire your business. It might be my community that can do that for you!

About my small following, I started posting on Essential Shift IG for the first time on the 13th of April 2020 under a Capricorn moon Waning Gibbous moon with 0 followers. I was inconsistent.

I was learning as I was posting each caption, image, designs.

I had 0 knowledge in content marketing, IG etc. and I was a general manager in corporate at the same time where we would pay the Agency hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it for us.

So in September 2020, I decided to invest in a partnership with an experienced content marketing agency for online businesses like mine.

Content Queen (Mariah) and I from there my audience grew because we put a content marketing strategy aligned with my vision and my own strategy. From there we grew my audience on all platforms exponentially: I tripled my mailing list community and grew my Instagram community from less than 400 (when we were working together) to near 4,000.

And of course I stay committed to building genuine relationships with my community on IG. It is where I listen deeply to you. IF you want a bit of both of our expertise, apply for an OWN YOUR VISION SESSION with Mariah and myself! It is truly magic!

Final thoughts

Of course, I could go on and on about how to launch, grow and expand your business way over 6 figures into the 7 figures and 8 figures like I did for my clients in consulting, corporate or in my business Essential Shift.

It is something I love to help my clients with but today we are focusing on what is going to help you start and reach that emblematic 6 figures gate that we all speak about.

Try these 4 tips and let me know how you go!

I’ve reached that 6 figures in less than 7 months in cash and I’m on multiple 6 figures if we look at my sales and my pipeline so it is just the beginning, I know it.

Although of course it helps to have a community.

BUT it is possible to make over 6 figures in 7 months of business while having a small following, a smaller mailing list and taking a break over summer holiday!

I want to demystify the fact that we need to have a huge following and hustle to be successful. FOCUS on the real metrics, not the vanity ones and reflect on the IMPACT you have NOW.

There is more to it as you know and if you’d like some help just DM me on IG. It is possible for you too.

Again I want to thank my community, my hubby, my friends, my partners, my clients, my cheerleaders. If I have helped you (or you have helped me) in any way shape or form, thank you with all my heart! My success is your success as well.

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