The power of New Moon Ceremonies within a safe and sacred community

Have you ever experienced a New Moon Ceremony? In circle with amazing women who are there to hold space for you?

We’ve written lots of articles about the power of the moon and the importance of paying attention to her rhythm, as well as the power of circle.

It is really important to join a circle that is safe and sacred, where you can drop the mask and connect with your whole self, the shadow parts of yourself and the light.

What is a New Moon Ceremony?

The New Moon is a magical time for setting intentions and manifesting new beginnings. Those who know me, know how I love rituals and my New Moon and Full moon Rituals are non-negotiable. So I’d like to give you the opportunity to take the time to create Sacred time, practice and space for yourself.

It is so powerful for women to come together to support each other on their journey. As I love to say, the circle is the shaman, the healing takes place from being nurtured, feeling comforted and understood by other women.

Moreover, your intentions will be magnified by the power of the group and create support for you.

A new moon ceremony is a way to connect with your higher self and the energy of the New Moon. It is a beautiful way to set intentions and perform a ritual for abundance during the time of the New Moon energy.


The benefits of being part of a New Moon Ceremony

Of course being part of a New Moon Ceremony has so many beautiful benefits that are aimed to help your higher self. Here are just some amazing benefits I wish to share with you:

  • Experience ancient ways to connect with other women and the moon energy

  • Amplify your intentions and be held accountable

  • Slow down and gain clarity on who you are and what is your soul desire

  • Feel held inside a safe and sacred container

  • Cultivate more connection with your divine feminine

  • Nourish your soul and heal yourself with medicine from other women and their stories

Each person has their own experience with the New Moon. Each person has a connected way and it is up to you to find out what you love most about the New Moon energy/circles!

My experience with New Moon Ceremonies

I joined my first women's circle back in India in 2004. It was a remembrance of how we would gather as women in ancient times. After that experience, when I traveled to Senegal or lived in Brazil in my early twenties, I felt called to sit in a sacred space with other women, under a tree, under the moon.

As women, we belong in a sacred space. Our female body is sacred. Sitting in a circle with other women reconnects us to our own expression and our infinite creative potential.

Before holding new moon ceremonies for others, I’ve been joining myself in New Moon ceremonies for years as a participant and doing ceremonies with my close circle of friends.

I felt called to hold space for other women as I wanted to facilitate it in a way that was different from other facilitators.

Blending all of that I’ve experienced and learnt for the past 37 years. I’m trained in so many different approaches from shamanism, Ayurveda, astrology, neuroscience, meditation, hypnosis, manifestation, to cacao ceremony, that I wanted to share this magic with more women and be of service to my community

I’ve seen the power of New moon circles in the manifestation in my life.

The power for women who have been in a New Moon Ceremony

Don’t take my word for it but check the feedback I received from our ‘Moonthly’ New Moon Ceremonies within the Essential Alchemy Membership.

‘I love the warm and welcoming community! There is so much value being surrounded by like-minded souls, and there is something about the women’s circles that is just so powerful. Love the moon circles, always super rejuvenated and connected afterwards. Never feel like I need to hold back, I feel comfortable expressing myself and being me. I highly recommend the membership to anyone on their spiritual path who are wanting to feel connected to themselves and be surrounded with such amazing energy.’ Krystle @krystlealfarero


‘This is the first community I've been apart of for my spiritual journey. Everyone is really supportive and am enjoying the New Moon circles to take time out and focus on my vision and goals. After the ceremonies I feel energised, I was really hesitant when I did my first one, but really loved and enjoyed it plus I'm also taking the time to do something for myself to refill my cup. I love learning and growing my spiritual journey and can't wait to see where it guides me.’ Ashley @ashleybostonhq

‘Great way to get out of your head, do something raw, and be able to be vulnerable and seen at the same time. What stood out to me is the ease in which women want to gather, the shamanism you effortlessly bring to the table, the lovely 'in between' rituals like the drum and your voice, safe space to openly share.’ Amy @amyg_yoga

‘the circles have been amazing at helping me to connect to others which helps me to ground, get inspired and learn so much more! I made friends, learned from everyone in the group. It’s so welcoming and down to earth I feel excited and I feel safe. The community is super supportive and diverse! I learn so much from everyone being equally invested in sharing authentically and from the heart’. Adrienne @coaching_with_adrienne

‘I always leave the New Moon circle feeling inspired, calm and realising that we are all in the same boat having different problems, struggles, overcoming fear and that I am not the only one feeling all those feelings.’ Cathleen @Little_Feet_Events

‘I love how sacred the space feels. I received a lot of love when I opened up about my struggles and it means a lot to me.’ Sara @saragomezviolin

‘I love the new moon circles as it opens me up to how others are feeling and what their intentions will be for the new moon. It assists in giving me ideas on how I can also make the most of it. Having the trusted circle is just beautiful. The new moon circle is unique for me and the most rewarding. It’s a time for self care that I am accountable for each month. The community of women are incredible. I’ve been blown away at how honest the women in the new moon circle are. You can guarantee that when a feeling is shared by one person, someone else is feeling the same or can relate to it. It’s very liberating. I always walk away from the ceremony feeling inspired and wanting to better myself.’ Kristy @kristybarneveld


Final thoughts

Are you looking for a community like this? Are you looking to be supported in a New Moon Ceremony? Stop searching, Join us.

The Essential Alchemy Membership is an online membership and community to support you in creating a life & business that align with the highest calls of your soul.

As a member, each month you have access to ceremonies, spiritual and practical curated content and community.

✨ Ceremonies: Monthly live new moon circle and other special ceremonies to gather in a sacred and safe space as a community. You'll be able to set powerful intentions to manifest your dreams.

⭐️ Curated Content: Live and recorded content on diverse spiritual and strategic topics such as Strategic Vision, Human Design, Authentic Branding, adapted to where you are at in your spiritual and business journey.

👯‍♀️ Community: Access to a private group of impact-driven entrepreneurs & leaders. You will feel supported by a community of women who share your passion for spiritual growth and intentional leadership.

We would love to welcome you!

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