The 5 crystals for biz success and flow ~ Flow with the energy

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

The power of crystals can support you daily in your biz and life as they are full of vibrations. Because crystals are natural amplifiers of energy, they boost your emotional connection to your work, thus supporting your experience.

You know how I love recommending crystals in alignment with the full moon zodiac energy in my newsletter (join here if you are not yet receiving it). It is about combining crystals with moon magic.

Additionally some crystals can stimulate your intuition and allow you to perceive subtle energies that you wouldn’t pay attention to otherwise. It is another spiritual tool to connect within by having a ‘mirror’ outside of yourself.

You can pick crystals with your intuition but you also have crystals that are more adapted to healing some chakras, to your own constitution, to your natal chart and zodiac, etc. It is a ‘science’ in itself that I love diving into deeply.

Today we will focus on the importance of setting a sacred space for your biz and crystals I recommend, which I use myself on my altar where I work.

Creating a sacred space where you work

A sacred space, your sacred place is for you to feel energised and recharged. It is made for you to feel comfortable and at peace.

A sacred space could be a small room, a corner of a room or anything that feels special to you.

These spaces may also contain personal objects and ritual objects that help you to feel connected to spirit.

These might be candles, crystals, incense, feathers, images of important people, quotes, any symbols that have meaning to you.

Once thing you must remember is, it is your sacred space. Don’t put items in just because someone told you to, make sure those items have a deep meaning to you. Crystals for healing are an important tool for creating your sacred space.

One of the ways you can pull together the elements of your sacred space is by creating a crystal altar. This is a special place in your space, can be on a small table, that is dedicated for your spiritual tools.

Put your items (candles, photos, crystals, incense etc) on your altar. The one thing you want to do is place your altar where you see it frequently as a reminder of its meaning.

My top 5 best crystals to incorporate into your working sacred space for your biz

While there is a vast array of crystals that help increase productivity, I’ve intentionally selected crystals that target different parts of the body’s energy centres.


The black tourmaline is a great crystal to keep close to my screen and laptop to remove any negative energy. This is a stone for cleansing cyber smog as well.

If you keep one near your computer or phone, it will eliminate all electromagnetic waves. It is also a great crystal for turning negative energy into positive energy, which is perfect for the workplace. It is a crystal to help with empowerment and mental clarity.

The Black Tourmaline can also activate the Root Chakra, the first chakra as it is a grounding stone. The electrical nature can help to awaken our three energy channels to help with balanced power.


Angelite creates a calming space where you can feel at peace and inspired. It calls in your angels and spirit guides so that you can relax, knowing that you’re being cared for by these loving beings. This is the crystal to feel connected with your spirit guides.


This gentle stone keeps the energy of your work space sweet and light. It is a supportive and nurturing stone that helps you feel relaxed and at ease in your workspace. If you are in an open space or coworking space, Rose quartz works especially well in harmonizing the energy of a group or shared space to extend the time needed between deeper energy clearing.


Known as the good luck stone’, the Green Aventurine helps to bring opportunities. It is a great stone for business since we all need money to live. It works alongside the heart chakra (the fourth chakra) to open us up to our own worth. This crystal is all about receiving luck and prosperity.

The Green Aventurine can also work to balance stress and anxiety from work to keep us calm.


Citrine is known as the merchant’s stone to help manifest abundance and wealth. It is the stone of light and carries the energy of the sun. This energy promotes happiness to also bring you prosperity. The Citrine is known as one of the most powerful crystals for manifestation. So when you are ready to make those life changes, Citrine can help you make those intentions your reality. If you are using crystals in business, you want the Citrine by your side to help with all those goals and dreams.

Before working with your crystals

What you want to do is some space clearing and cleansing of your crystals before you start working with them. As time goes on, your objects and even places will pick up on the energy it is surrounded by. So before you start working with crystals, you want to have a ritual clearing of the space and of course the crystals themselves.

You want to work to remove the unwanted energy to bring forth the positive and healing energy you need. Crystals need frequent cleaning as they receive a lot of energy they encounter, so whatever energy it is, you want to cleanse your crystals before and after you use them.

So, how do you do this? Most of the most powerful ways to cleanse energy is by smudging. Burning scared herbs like sage, cedar, palo santo or sweetgrass to remove the unwanted energy.

Final thoughts

The crystals you choose to have in your sacred spaces are by your choice. Each crystal has its own meaning and it is up to you to decide what works best in each space.

A stone like jade, ruby, garnet, carnelian moss agate and quartz are all effective for helping to increase mental clarity and productivity. It is all about researching them for yourself. Have fun with it and discover what will help you! Of course, you can take inspiration from what I used to help with my business.

What I also want you to think about is, each stone works on one or more of your chakras. So you can even tailor your selection in alignment with a chakra that might be out of balance for you. Of course, you also want to explore the feng shui to help you with productivity levels.

Play around with the crystals and create a space you feel calm, comfortable and ready to create in the most creative way possible. If you want to learn more about crystals and what ones will work for you, join my Essential Alchemy membership where we explore topics like crystals monthly to help add alchemy to your life.

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