The 3 steps to connect with your creative practice

Connecting with your creative practice is a way to bring a lot of clarity, creation and flow into your life and business.

This week we had the amazing Elena Brower on the podcast to talk about all things Creative practice and developing strategies to make space for them.

Creative activity is at the heart of Elena's work and her podcast Practice You. If you’ve listened to my episode from last week you know how important it is for me to connect with our womb and our creative power.

How to connect with the flow of creativity

It is all about having everything around you and connecting with it.

Elena explains how she recommends you to have all your tools out so you can see them rather than having them locked away or in a box.

You need to see your paint brush, white canva or instruments or pen and journal or vision board out so you can connect with it and let your creative juices flow.

You know how I love to create music, sound and chant. All my instruments are outside in my office. Not locked away but I can grab my drum anytime in the day to play it or use my kalimba or harmonium or singing bowl when I need it.

It is such a simple yet important tip.

Elena shared about the way she wrote her book Practice You in 2014 as a process of grieving her mother's passing and how everything from there unfolded beautifully.

She connected with her vision board and the name of the book with the two words Practice and You came to her. It is also now the name of her podcast.

She explained how she started to paint again for the cover of the book and now her artwork is on a yoga mat and inspired her to create even more.

The importance of organising your time to be creative

We’ve covered this on the blog about the Ayurvedic Clock and finding out about your unique blueprint. But we speak about the importance of knowing when you are at your best and work during those times.

It all starts with the awareness of what is helping you and how to create spaciousness in your day.

We share the importance of alternating between doing and being, movement and stillness or connecting with nature.

Elena explains how she works from 9am to 12pm, then movement/yoga and a walk in nature in the afternoon.

Let’s give ourselves the permission to redesign our day to make it work with our personal energy. Let's create rituals to bring us back to being present. Bringing us back to our creative flow.

The 3 steps to connect with your creative practice

So how can we actually connect to this creative practice? How can we bring more creative flow into our day? Elena shares three simple tips:

  1. Make space in your day for a creative practice and trust that you have something unique to share.

  2. Leave your creative tools outside for you to see them (e.g. oracle cards, instruments, journal, camera, canvas, etc.)

  3. Connect with yourself and your surroundings to download the inspiration

Sharing your creative gifts

Once we have connected with our creative power, it is time to share these gifts! It is time to use them to help others as well as yourself.

Whatever your story has been, you need to share it as it is going to be medicine for another person.

Even though you think your story is too ugly, tragic, sad, your story is going to help somebody else.

That’s one of my motto inside my own sacred container and I love how Elena shares how by sharing your story you may break some of the current divides that exist in this world.

  1. Share about your story, give something to someone or a group for free

  2. Reflect on what is needed, what helps the most

  3. Start developing an offering around it and charging for it

It is about surrendering to what your story will become and how it will empower someone else

Final notes

We are learning through creation. So this is your reminder for you to start creating now so you can iterate on it. You don't have to do this alone!

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