The 3 prompts to connect with your sacred space and womb

As women we tend to connect with our womb space when we seek to become pregnant or when we are pregnant. But there are 3 prompts you need to connect with this space!

Then after the birth of our baby we are more likely to forget our womb space. But we need to connect with this womb space when we are mothering our children.

If a woman does not have a child yet or doesn't want to have a child she unfortunately may never connect to this fertile place that is her womb.

Whether or not a woman gives birth her womb space is where she can access her full creative energy.

I love to share practices with my clients on how to reconnect with this sacred space and reclaim their feminine identity.

A few prompts to connect with what sacred means for you

To invite sacredness within your body, you need to first understand what is sacred for you. Maybe it is connection with nature, a specific place, a nice meal with your family, Or maybe it is through a specific music, a chant, a mantra, a meditation, a movement, a creative practice.

Journal on the following prompts:

  • What is sacred to you?

  • How do you invite a sense of sacred into your life?

  • How do you or will you celebrate the sacredness of your body?

Flow comes from your womb connection

Indeed the womb space is the second chakra and it is the centre of sensation and feeling, emotion and pleasure, intimacy and connection, movement and change.

You inalienable right for your second chakra is the right to feel and have pleasure.

The womb space is a watery realm of emotions. Now we move from the element of Earth (first chakra) to Water, from solid to liquid, in this transmutation we encounter ‘change’.

Your second chakra is like a powerful magnet; when it is balanced and energised, you can easily recognise that which you desire and draw it into your life. You manifest what you want from a balanced second chakra.

In other words, your sacral chakra magnetises your personal power so you can learn how to get what you want.This chakra is governed with other aspects of desire as well. It oversees our sensuality, sexuality, abundance and creativity.

A strong second chakra allows you to take delight in life, but helps you remain balanced in the process: you can experience joy into the sensory world without getting lost in it.

Your second chakra helps you determine how to express yourself creatively and sexually.

When your second chakra is healthy you regularly undertake creative activities that help you nourish your soul and express yourself as an individual.

My own story with my womb space

I connected with my womb as I became pregnant with my first child and it became a daily ritual to connect with that sacred space during and after pregnancy. That’s why I love to facilitate blessingway, circles and other sacred containers as I’m on a mission to help other women reclaim that space.

One of the drumming journeys that I find super powerful to awaken this space is the one where I guide women lying down with their heads together and legs extended each pointing out from the center like a great star.

The drum beat guides the connection to their womb space, the drumbeat of their womb is connected to my drum. So beautiful to see those women connected to where life started.

When I was pregnant, I experienced during a drumming journey the meeting of my baby.

Indeed, our first experiences of life unfold to the pulse of our mother's blood through her body, her womb space. We vibrate to that primordial rhythm even before we have ears to hear and at four weeks within the womb our own heart starts to pulse.

So what we are doing here is calling on an ancient technique, remembering something we know in the very cells of our being.

Our consciousness can be detected as brain waves vibrations emanating from the brain and nervous system.

When we listen to a drum beat, our brain waves can shift from beta to Alpha. The same state we reach in meditation, relaxation and when daydreaming.

A drum beats synchronises our right and left hemisphere in our brain which can gift us with a sense of clarity, heightened euphoria and intense creativity.

So we can say that listening to the drum aligns our consciousness.

The word shamanic describes a reality where everything is interconnected so in a shamanic drum journey we focus on the beat of the drum as a way of altering our state and aligning our consciousness in order to access information and intuition outside the realm of our regular thinking from the collective consciousness. From the all that is, from the past, from the future, from the multidimensional now, however you wish to describe it.

I wish I discovered those practices before as it is so powerful to create from your womb energy rather than just your hands and head.

When I started blessing my body daily and more specifically connecting with my ovaries and the sacredness of my womb space, flow started to happen daily in my life.

In 2019 I went to the Goddess Conference Australia and I had the privilege of hearing from Brooke Medicine Eagle and meeting her. She mentioned how our creative power comes from our connection to the spirit, to the land and our womb space.

Final thoughts

Are you ready to start connecting with your womb? To bring a sense of presence to the womb space? First you connect with what sacred means to you. You understand it and really embody this sense of sacredness in yourself. Then you connect with that second chakra and really start to align with it (if it isn't aligned there are many things you can do, see here).

You can also experience a drumming journey to help connect yourself with your womb space too! If you want more information around connecting with your womb, send me a message!

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