Money flow and abundance: how to manifest more of it in life and business

What does abundance bring for you? What are your money beliefs? What do you think about making millions in business as an entrepreneur?

Let’s go through a simple 3 step process that I teach my clients on 'how to access money flow and abundance in their life and business'.

It is time to anchor your beliefs to your future self, your soul, your authentic higher self, your dream, your mission, your dharma, your vision and start believing in yourself. It is all about ‘serene expansion’, my intention for 2022.

This week's podcast covers it in a very aligned way. I welcomed a beautiful friend as a guest, Ruby, who moved from charging $50 for resume review to a thriving million dollar business in 3.5 years.

If you’re curious to learn more about the story, listen to the full episode.

But let me dive into the 3 steps you need to help access and manifest flow and abundance in life and business!

Step 1: Identify your current limiting beliefs around abundance and more specifically money

As read through the following 5 signs that can indicate that you are suffering from a lack mentality, be compassionate with yourself (I wrote a whole article about radical acceptance in the past). It all starts with awareness as it is the first step for transformation. So honor yourself for finding out what is happening.

5 signs of mentality lack:

  • You rarely spend money on things outside of the absolute necessary and if you do, you feel a lot of guilt, shame or fear

  • You judge others who spend a lot of money (you even judge what they spend it on)

  • You will never (or rarely will) buy anything full price

  • You have a scarcity mindset around not having enough money or resources

  • An unexpected expense triggers you

If your answer was YES to any of the above, you want to be mindful of this money blocker. A mentality lack is a common money blocker. It can come from anything that has been imprinted in your subconscious mind from your childhood.

A subconscious mentality can cause those actions and you will also project this lack out to the universe. This can be from the words “I don’t deserve this success” or “I could never have that amount of money”.


Free journaling on the following 3 prompts. Be gentle, but honest, and go deep.

  • How do you feel when someone speak about abundance and money?

  • What does money represent to you today?

  • What was the programming surrounding money in your family?

  • And now let it go!

Step 2: Know yourself, your authentic and higher self

To know yourself. You want to connect with your soul desire. Dive a bit deeper into how you can start to discover and connect with your most authentic self and soul desire.

One of the most important questions to ask ourselves in this manifestation process is: Am I manifesting from my authentic self, from what my soul desires? To connect with your soul desire, read and complete the exercises (and questions) in this article.

I’ve also talked a lot and written a lot about your whole authentic higher self and soul. In another podcast episode and blog where I guided you to set your intention from connecting with that essence.


  • Connect with your soul’s essence and your unique money through self-inquiry, journaling, meditation or the medium that works for you:

  • What are you here to create?

  • When you think of wanting money, what do you honestly and authentically want it for?

  • What motivates your business? Title, money, perks, teams, work environment, status, freedom?

  • Write a letter to your higher self/future self/authentic self

  • Discover your unique blueprint (HD, Natal Chart, Ayurveda, Chronotype, etc.).

Step 3: Be in your worth, Embody it NOW

How might you now live in the same way you’d live if you were in this abundance state. How can you live with your whole body, cells in alignment with your soul’s desire and blueprint?

Surround yourself with a community and mentor or friends that show you that it is possible.


  • Be who you envision to be in the future:

  • Where are you playing small or shrinking yourself?

  • What would you do differently?

  • Who would you connect with?

  • Embrace rituals (get the guide) that nourish your soul. Be you. No more pressure for waking up at 5am

Final thoughts

This is a process I go over and over myself while also teaching it to my clients through my different containers to help them be who they are meant to be. No more comparison, only embody who you ARE.

This 3 step process is all about knowing the limiting beliefs, knowing connecting with yourself and then embodying your own state of abundance. Remember, it is a practice you will always come back to when you need it, so save this blog in your bookmarks.

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