How to grow a business as a Mumpreneur

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Are you a mum growing a business? Or as we now call it a "Mumpreneur". Trying to balance the two areas of your life that need you the most. Well, this is the place for you!

During this article, I will share with you key learnings from the podcast episodes with Tracy from successful business, Mums with Hustle. We both met on Instagram divinely guided. If you’re curious to learn more about the story, listen to the full episode.

Tracy is a mum of 2 and she is fiercely dedicated to supporting big-hearted women wanting to design their life first and business second – by harnessing the superpower of Instagram as part of a complete digital strategy.

We also talked about the impact of Matrescence, so you can go back and listen to the podcast episode about it here or read more about it here.

What is a mumpreneur?

A mumpreneur is a woman who sets up and runs her own business in addition to caring for her young child or children.

According to Mums and Co "in Australia, 300,000+ businesses are mumpreneurs which represent one sixth of all small businesses. In addition, of those who employ staff, on average employ 4-5 staff, so in total, they generate income for over half a million Australians".

Both Tracy and I fit into this category and of course, so does a lot of the community around me including clients, peers and the like.

We are committed to enable more mothers to work on their own businesses so that they can balance the things that are important to them - the time to spend with their children when they most need it, the flexibility to raise families as well as achieve their ambitions. So let's share some amazing tips with you!

What are 3 key secrets to integrate motherhood and business as a mumpreneur?

  • Surrender to the season in motherhood and business. You have different seasons in life and in business and it is all about honoring each shift in the journey. I have written an article about the season of life. Enjoy reading:

  • Be intentional on how you spend your time. I loved how Tracy shared in the interview her motto: ‘You can always make more money but you’ll never get back time’ as she explained to us that she lost her dad when she was 17 years old. I’ve written an article about this a few months ago based on my own experience of leadership and burn out:

  • Lead with your own definition of success. Success is different for everyone. Everybody defines it in their own way. Always connect back to your own definition of success and remember it as you integrate motherhood and business. Some prompts that could help:

  • What success means for you?

  • What kind of legacy would you like to leave in terms of family, friends and community?

  • What do you want to look back and remember?

  • What feelings do you want to experience?

  • What values would you like to embody?

How to grow your business on Instagram as a mumpreneur?

Instagram is a social media platform and it is important to go back to the social connection, to the human being behind the tiny square on your phone. It is the platform Tracy is well known on and it is one we see a lot of business owners using as a brand awareness and selling channel.

Through your content, the most important thing is to connect and build community. All of that comes from authenticity, sharing the good, the bad and ugly.

It is a dance between having empathy and leading with authority. You are always a leader whether it is leading yourself, your audience (whatever big or small it is), your business. Coming from a place of love is essential when you show up.

So really, the core message here is plan your content to be authentic. To show who you are and give yourself the compassion you need on the days you just don't feel like showing face.

My own experience growing a business as a mumpreneur

This is how I see it. I love to be fully present when I’m with my daughters, so I set strong boundaries between my time in business and my time with them.

I’m simplifying my life and my business as I want to focus on what is essential. I’m a firm believer of minimalism in all aspects of my life. But of course, there are days the balance is harder than others, that is why I call on my rituals and the elements shared above to ground me.

What you also want to remember is, radical acceptance and if you want to learn more about it, make sure you check out my article here.

Final thoughts

You can have it all. You can be a mum and a business owner. You don't have to choose. Of course it takes work, but it is all worth it! Make sure you connect with other Mums, you aren't alone. Connect with myself on Instagram or Tracy, send us a message!

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