How to be more and do less in 2022

We are living in a time where we always have to be on the go, always on, always plugged in, always productive. Being busy, doing lots of things is how we measure our success.

For many among us, we wake up, reach out to our phones, eager to reconnect and see what we’ve missed (and consequently, start working from the 1st minute of the day).

As you have probably experienced, nothing derails a good day faster than this premature procession of stressful emails, a parade of negative news, or a dose of social media induced self-doubt. When you start your day like this you “accidentally” step into the powerful slipstream of anxiety, fear, worry, conflict and FOMO. See what I’m getting at?

I know it too well as I’ve been there. If you haven’t already you can listen to my third podcast episode about my own story of ‘burnt-out’.

As I’m embodying my mantra this year of Be more Do Less to connect with my intention for 2022: Serene Expansion.

I’d like to offer you the choice to start being more, by going inward with a powerful, meaningful, nourishing intention. I’m here to amplify the fact that being more is actually powerful. It is actually when we take time to BE that we can connect with what really matters for our business and life.

We are able to focus on the 20% that are essential and will create 80% of the results - Pareto Law that you may have heard of. I worked in strategy consulting as well as leading huge team in a fast paced environment as a general manager in corporate. And I know the power of this intentional time to BE. You embrace spaciousness, magic, quantum leap, vision.

Essential Shift is all about this: focusing intentionally with what’s essential to be in alignment. By Being more and Doing Less you focus on what is essential.

What do you say? Are you ready to be more rather than do more? Ready to move from being burnt out to blissed out?

Why is it important to be more and do less?

You are here so I am sure I don't have to tell you why. But here is why it is so powerful:

  • Ideas, musings, creativity, clarity come when we are 'bored', when we are daydreaming, when we sit in silence. The fear of experiencing true holidays by doing nothing and just being, reveals our anxiety and other emotions. It is so essential to BE. Anxiousness likes control, planning, actions all the time.

  • Outside of mundane time, you connect with your Alpha theta space. Time dilates, vision comes. Plenty of time to nourish yourself. A key difference between agitation vs actions. I’m all pro aligned actions but it only comes from a place of spaciousness and slowness. How much time do you spend in that space where you are not looking at your devices, doing something? That’s why when I was in strategy consulting we would organise a 3-day retreat in a castle, chateau, close to Paris for a retreat for the C-suite to create new paradigm by being in a different location, in an unknown space, in a void of time where the agenda was loose. That’s why I love to organise those retreats for my clients like I did for my Goddess Embodiment Sisterhood (aka mastermind) with an in person retreat last year.

  • Generative listening, deep listening only happens when you are fully present. You listen deeply and can co-create with the Universe, the source, the divine, God when you are honoring this in between. Be patient. We don’t try to hurry things up, like the flow of a river or a flower to bloom. It is an invitation to be present, calm, serene.

A gentle reminder that I’d like to insist on here is that I don’t want you to have expectations from the time you are being. It is not productive. Hope that nuance helps you.

The top 3 tips on how to BE more

As a mum of 2 young girls (3.5 and 5.5 years old) as I write this post, running a thriving business and living with my partner in Australia, far from any extra family support, trust me I know what it is to always do something and be a busy BEE. But I manage to make time to BE daily. To sit in silence with myself. To sync with the fact that I’m a ‘human BEING’ and not a ‘human doing’.

My top 3 tips are:

  • Keep white space in your calendar. I know you’ve heard about it many times but please schedule now time to BE, not doing anything everyday. It may just be 10mins to start but it is about committing NOW to a daily practice of BEING. A moment of silence and space where we put the phone away and connect with how you feel.

  • Practice: for only one minute, sit in silence, close your eyes, focus on your breath. Connect with your senses. Be here.

  • Synchronise with the cycle of nature. Connect with the phases of the sun during the day, the year and the moon. We are like all beings living on Earth connected to the cycles of Nature. We are Nature. Nature is so powerful at embracing balance and all the phases that need to happen. Think about the seeds we are planting at the new moon and moving through the phases. Think about the ebbs and flows of the ocean. Think about the tree moving through the season or the bear in hibernation, its heart beat slows down. When are you letting yourself slow down? When are you activating your parasympathetic nervous system?

  • Practice: go outside every night and in silence watch the moon changing in the sky. To learn more about the phases of the moon, download the FREE Moon Calendar 2022.

  • Heal your divine feminine energy: Since the 1960s, women are increasingly running more masculine energy in order to embody masculine qualities, like accomplishment, self-confidence, decisiveness, and reasoning. These qualities are valuable, but when they are dominant they cause an imbalance of always doing. I’ve written a blog article for you to understand a bit more about it: How to prevent burnout and work in alignment with your divine feminine and divine masculine energy

  • Practice: write down when you start your day what you are not going to do today. What I call, the non-to-do list. It will enable you to find time for contemplation.

Final thoughts

By being more and initially slowing down like the bear in winter, like the tree losing leaves in winter, by being able to hibernate to heal yourself, reconnect with your intuition.

Use those tips above to help you BE more and DO less!

It is all about opening a space for deep listening. In traditional Aboriginal culture, daydreaming is powerful. Rush, agitation and anxiety are not productive but lead to burning out.

What if there was a simple way to manage your time and energy? To act in alignment with your rhythm, cycle and nature? And grow a balanced and purposeful business?

Let's connect, I would love to help you!

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