21: Lead Like YOU! in your business with Anne Koopmann

Did you know that being an entrepreneur and a business owner means to step into a role of leadership?

Don’t be scared. It is exciting and you can TOTALLY do it!! But What does leadership mean for you? How do you lead? Do you even know what being a leader looks like? Guess what, the secret is to lead like YOU! Not like anyone else.

But even if you are a solo entrepreneur not yet managing a team, you are the leader of your own life! Your own purpose! Regardless of your situation, Anne Koopmann (entrepreneur and Leadership coach) is here to share simple tips for you to uncover your leadership potential in your business!

Are you ready to step up?

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  • What leadership in business means

  • The importance of being a leader in business

  • The 3 simple tips for you to uncover your leadership potential in your business

  • Your next steps in leadership for your business


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Anne is a Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Speaker who works with individuals and organizations to empower courageous leaders.

Throughout her 10 year career as an award winning Leader in the Engineering industry, she has learned first hand what it takes to be a courageous leader.

Anne believes that everyone has the power to drive change to create a world where we can celebrate our perfect imperfection in diversity.

Through her work, Anne equips individuals with the key leadership skills needed to build their courage, confidence and resilience, embrace vulnerability, learn impactful communication strategies and create space for open and trusted relationships and nurture the individual strengths of others.

Bless it be.

With love, Laetitia!

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