1: Introduction to The Essential Shift Podcast and the LET Method

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

My name is Laetitia Andrac.

Welcome to the Essential Shift Podcast and EPISODE 1! I am so excited you are in this safe container!

If you’re a mission driven entrepreneur looking to grow your soul-aligned business by blending strategy, practical tips and spiritual wisdom, you’re in the right place.

Enjoy these conversations about the art of mastering essential shifts in all areas of business and life.

Open your mind and heart to all the possibilities that are waiting for you.

When it comes to blending spirituality and business, there is a practice I have always done. This process allows me to trial things in my business and life with ease. It allows me to let it go, let it be. In this episode, I dive deeper into this process, one I like to call LET!

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  • What the Essential Shift Podcast is about

  • What is the LET method and how you can use it in your life

  • How to balance spirituality and business together


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Bless it be.

With love, Laetitia!

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