11 Journal Prompts to start your week intentionally

Setting weekly intentions is a way to ground yourself. It means you don’t get too far ahead of time, but still have some goals or action for the week ahead. I created these 11 Journal Prompts to start your week intentionally so you could create a week full of alignment!

Have a read through my journey of journaling, check out the prompts below and even if you don’t journal daily, set an intention to do it a few times a week and see your life transform!

A ritual that is so powerful, so intuitive and really so grounding, you will make it a daily habit soon enough. If you already journal, here are some great prompts and inspiration for you!

The journey of journaling

I started journaling as a teenager, to write down about my day to day, my relationships with friends and lovers.

A few days ago as we were packing for our move into our new house, I found one of my journals that I had in 2004 in India. Most of my journals prior to our move to Australia in 2014 are in France at my parents house.

In India, over 16 years ago, it was the first time that I started journaling daily and with intentional prompts.

Not just to put the highlight of my day, my thoughts, my hopes or my biggest insecurities, doubts etc. It was more a ‘channeling’ from the soul coming through amazing journal prompts (aka questions), that I was asking myself.

When I read what I wrote at the age of 21, I was in tears of gratitude for the wisdom of my soul. I need to do a follow up article about this.

Since becoming a mother (5 years ago), I realise what it means to have no time and the need to be intentional.

So over the past 5 years, on top of journaling (you may want to have a read of my previous article about Journaling), setting intention weekly has been a game changer. I’ve found journal prompts to be super helpful, especially since I don’t always have a clear intention from the get go—even if I want to.

So that’s why I wrote this post!

I want to help you start your day and your week with intention.

So with that being said, I hope these journal prompts help you! I’d love it if you pinned this post on Pinterest, and feel free to comment and let me know which prompts are your favourite!


The 11 prompts to start the week intentionally

  1. What’s one thing you’d like to have done by the end of the week (no matter how small) that will make you feel proud of yourself?

  2. What would you like to celebrate on Sunday and what needs to happen this week to be able to celebrate it?

  3. What do you feel like you need the most for the week ahead, and how can you meet that need?

  4. What do you need to believe about yourself to manifest your vision this week?

  5. What word, image, feeling, energy could guide you this week?

  6. What ritual are you going to commit to this week to stay in alignment with your intention?

  7. What feeling would you like to embody this week?

  8. What would your future self (aka Sunday self) say to your current self (aka Monday self)?

  9. Write down one good ritual you want to start working on this week

  10. What things are you willing to let go of this week so you can live your best life?

  11. What boundaries do you need to set with others and yourself to prioritise your intention this week and self care rituals?


How to start journaling

How to do it? There is no clear process, only you know what works best for you! Tune into your own intuition and journal whatever comes up, don’t question yourself, just accept it!

If you follow me on Instagram you may see how I start every Monday by setting an intention for the week ahead.

You don’t have to follow my process but you need to have a ritual in place for you to know that you’re about to set your weekly intention.

I love to go out on a Monday morning on a mindful meditative walk in nature to connect with the elements and my heart and then grab my Magic of i journal to write down my intentions for the week answering a few prompts that I’ve shared with you above. If you want to get your hands on one of these beautiful journals, click the link here for 10% off!

journal prompt

Final thoughts

Finding your way to start your week internationally is my only recommendation.

If you want to go deeper and learn more about intentionality and rituals, download my free ritual guide or connect with me on Instagram, I would love to talk more about it with you!

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