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IDEATE UP is an action-oriented and experiential learning that helps you uncover your very own business or project idea using proven business techniques and methods in a unique immersive program.

What my clients say

Josep P., Director of Social Innovation Projects, Barcelona City, Spain

 I led and prepared the winning proposal of the 2014 Bloomberg Philanthropies' Mayors Challenge, an ideas competition among 155 European cities.

With the Vincles BCN initiative, the Barcelona City Council sought to combat the isolation of at-risk seniors through trust networks and digital technology. Barcelona received the Mayors Challenge Grand Prize for Innovation and €5 million to implement its proposal. Laetitia was a consultant to this initiative, and of all the coaches I had, she was the most determining one. Her mastery of the Doblin's 10 types of innovation really made a difference! 

What is Ideate Up?

Created in partnership with Fishburners, Ideate UP is ideal for those starting out on their entrepreneur and intrapreneurs journey: whether you are still defining your business idea, have a great idea but not sure how to turn it into a viable business model, or want to take your idea to the next level, this program is for you.


Through a combination of the best well-known strategy frameworks and theories (including Theory U, Doblin’s innovation framework and Lean Start-up) and self development and mindfulness,in a unique multidisciplinary and holistic approach, to It to help you discover and combine your passion to create a viable business model for your idea, in just four days.

  • IdeateUp takes place over one day per week for four weeks. 

  • It is a hands-on ideation program that will show you how to bring an idea to life, giving you a clear process and framework to prove, test and sell an idea – whether it’s a new revenue generating idea or a new business idea.

  • You’ll be learning from inspirational speakers. 

  • We’ll always throw in the energy and laughs for free.

Charbel Zeaiter, founder of the Faster Zebra


Guest Speakers


Each day will feature an inspirational speaker 

 Joel Robbie,

founder of Nod

Gen George,

Executive Director of Genry Capital, Executive Chair of The Daily Skin Co., Co-Founder  LMBDW

Betty Andrews

Founder of social enterprise Hstl&Hrt

How does it work?

Following a set of specially crafted immersive activities, you’ll be led on a journey discovering:

  • DAY 1YOU: what is unique to you, uncovering your passion

  • DAY 2. PROBLEM, MARKET & UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION: What problem do you want to solve? Who are your customers? How do customers solve the problem today? How will you solve the customer’s problem? Who are your competitors? What is making my idea unique?


  • DAY 3. PROTOTYPING: What is your prototype? How do you validate your idea with customers/users? What is the feedback on your prototype? What are your revenue/change drivers? How will I know if you have a viable idea/business model?


  • DAY 4. ART OF TELLING A STORY AND NEXT STEPS: How can you tell a story in a compelling way that will draw the audience and sell your idea? What should you put in a pitch deck (and just as importantly - what should we leave out?)? What are the next steps you need to take to move forward? 

  • Every MORNING: You will start with mindfulness (meditation) and define a clear goal for the day (as well as some of the questions you want answered). 


  • Every LUNCH: You will have a guest speaker, based on the theme of the day. 

  • Facilitated by Laetitia Andrac, skilled and passionate innovation coach with a unique expertise in Doblin innovation, Theory U, Human centered design and systemic design

  • Every session you will have an inspirational speakers who have paved the way and will share the lessons learned

What will it achieve?
  • An increase confidence to start your journey by learning from experienced speakers
  • Complete clarity around what a best-practice ideation and phase one of an idea launch looks like. Innovation is all about discipline! 

  • The ability to save thousands, if not millions on expensive trials and failed innovation efforts.

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