Essential Shift Purpose



A change in position, direction, or focus. To go from one place to another.

cultivate an




Discover your passion

become a trailblazer

With intent and purpose


CORE change


Drive lasting change


We blend business frameworks, mindfulness and self-development in a unique multi-disciplinary and holistic approach. 

our Approach


 We focus on 'doing' through transformational immersive experiences and putting theories into practice.

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Our programs are founded on a unique philosophy designed to drive lasting change. It's a program like no other, you won't be disappointed. 

We support individuals, teams, and organisations on their journey of change.

Whether you are at a transition in your life, kick starting a side hustle, or want to embed innovation in your business, we can help you make the shift to reach your goals with clarity and impact.



Ideate UP Program

Kickstart your entrepreneur journey



In Partnership with Fishburners

Intrapreneur Workshops

Embed an innovation mindset in your organisation

Transition coaching


Unlock your potential

Students Writing on Board

4 day immersive experience

In partnership with Fisburners

Guest speakers and established founders

Are you an aspiring founder wanting to make the leap but not sure where to start? Great. We are on a mission to inspire you.

In partnership with Fishburners, IDEATE UP is an action-oriented collective experience that helps you uncover your very own business or project idea with proven business strategies and methods in a unique immersive program.


We blend self-development and mindfulness with well-known business models in a unique multi-disciplinary and holistic approach, to create a viable business model for your idea in just four days.


The program will help you dive within, make the ‘shift’ towards the right mindset and productive actions, to bring your project to life with clarity and impact. Engage with us in a process of creation.

Applications now open for program starting May. Secure your place.

Young Businesswomen

1:1 sessions

Unlock your passion and discover your purpose

90 day action plan

Be prepared to enter into a process of self-reflection: What are you good at? What about your current work and life inspires and energises you the most? What do you find easy to do? What is wanting to be created? What would you get paid for? What do you want to grow into?

By shifting your attention on what you want, you can start to design a life and career that aligns with you aspiration, passions and purpose.

Our one-to-one sessions combine mindfulness techniques with self-development frameworks, to see yourself from a new perspective and create practical action plans tailored to your goals, priorities and personal journey - allowing you to transition with energy, clarity and confidence by linking the intelligence of the head, heart and hand.

In a Meeting

Team innovation workshops

Proven business strategies

90 day blueprint for change

Looking to place innovation at the heart of your organisation? Foster mindsets and culture that are empowered and energised to embrace innovation and original thinking, and drive new business paradigms.


We support leaders and teams in accelerating a growth mindset in their organisations, with a fresh approach, tools and techniques to challenge the status-quo and empower teams to embrace innovation and change.


Using proven business techniques, Theory U and Doblin’s innovation framework, our immersive workshop will identify strategies specific to your organisation’s challenges and create action plans that will drive systematic change across your culture, people and organisation.

Love what you do,

do what you love.



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Karine, CEO and Founder

When I met Laetitia I was in a limbo of choices and uncertain about where to direct my professional and personal life.

Laetitia’s presence is very calming, she is structured, pragmatic and has this amazing holistic vision which in my opinion is a rare quality for a coach. 

She helped me focus on the areas of my life that I really wanted to improve. She helped me to organise my thoughts with her questions and to re-evaluate what was important to me.

The sessions provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make.

I am so grateful I met Laetitia! I strongly recommend her to any person looking for clarity and willing to move forward in their business, work life or personal life.


Caroline, Startup Founder

From the first time I spoke to Laetitia, I knew she was the perfect business coach to support me on my journey as I am starting my 2nd start-up.

She has a unique experience as a consultant, an intrapreneur, an innovation and business coach and mindfulness aficionado that she leveraged so well in her one on one coaching session. 

She offered me tools, approaches, questioning and methodologies that I needed to gain clarity on my business, my purpose and my vision as well as my short term impact and focus. She pushed me to overcome some limiting beliefs and create the alignment and mindset I needed to feel empowered to succeed.

I am ready to kick ass and would book further one-off session when I feel I need another push.


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Our programs are founded on the philosophy that we are at our best when we ‘connect’ our passion (heart), intent (mind)  and skilful execution (hands) with clarity and purpose. 



Laetitia Andrac 

With a Master of Sciences in Entrepreneurship, Consulting and Management, Laetitia Andrac is a strategist, a consultant and an accredited coach in Business Strategy and Transformation. She works with individuals as well as larger groups to kickstart innovative thinking for the development of new ideas and Entrepreneurial mindsets. 


Curious by nature, she uses a holistic and alternative approach in her coaching: she is an NLP practitioner, Ayurveda, Theory U advocate, Doblin methodology facilitator, neuroscience and mindfulness enthusiast. She is passionate about inspiring people to be their best by unleashing their own potential. An avid supporter of the start-up community, Laetitia loves coaching and mentoring programs for innovators, intrapreneurs and start-ups founders.

Laetitia has worked as a Business Strategy Consultant for Monitor-Deloitte and Capgemini. She is highly experienced in leading transformational projects for multinational organisations, NGOs and local governments in Australia and overseas. More recently, she led the incubation of an Artificial Intelligence Business for one of Australia’s leading brands, taking the project from ideation to revenue across the various stages of a business life-cycle. She has built and managed high-functioning teams ranging from 3 to 30 people from multidisciplinary backgrounds.

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